The Libyans are minor antagonists in the 1985 sci-fi comedy film Back to the Future.

The gunman was portrayed by Richard L. Duran, and the driver was portrayed by Jeff O'Haco.


The Libyans are a group of terrorists who decide to create a nuclear weapon and solicit Dr. Emmett Brown in this project. However, Brown stole plutonium from them to operate his time machine and gave them a box full of pinball pieces in exchange. This theft is reported on TV, as seen in Emmett Brown's house. What the scientist ignores is that the Libyans intend to take revenge and kill him later.

While Marty and Doc are in the parking lot of the Two Pines Mall with the time machine, a van approaches and Doc understands that the terrorists have managed to find him. He decides to diversion and is quickly killed under the horrified eyes of Marty. The Libyans then target Marty but fail to shoot him. Marty decides to board the DeLorean and the terrorists chase him with their van in the middle of the parking lot. The gunman fails several shots and then takes out a rocket launcher. Marty accelerates the car and is accidentally thrown back 30 years.

The Libyans are only seen one last time at the end of the film, when Marty returns in 1985 and sees the chase scene between his other him and the Libyans. As the car disappears in the past, the terrorists' van crashes in a Fox Photo stand. It is not known whether they were injured or killed in the accident and are no longer seen afterwards.

Although they killed Doc the first time, when Marty returned to the past, he wrote a letter foreshadowing Brown's fate and he took the necessary precautions to survive the attack.


  • Although they were minor villains, it was they, along with Doc, who pushed Marty to go in 1955 (by accident) and lead the plot of the film.


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