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The Light is a secret Illuminati council of supervillains comprised of seven self-proclaimed enlightened members, led by Vandal Savage and the main antagonistic faction of the animated series Young Justice.


The Light was formed by Vandal Savage, who was then known as the Babylonian demigod hero Marduk, and his daughter Ishtar after saving their city from a Starro invasion. Therefore, for leading their people through their darkest hour, the duo became henceforth known as "The Light".

The current iteration of the group was founded somewhere between 2006 and 2007, after the Justice League was publicly announced, to counteract the latter's role in preserving society's "calcified status quo". According to Savage, the League inhibited mankind by protecting it from disaster, crime, and tragedy, which to The Light are the necessary factors needed for humanity to evolve.

To counteract this, the Light created or co-opted networks of operatives, placed key individuals in key positions, and explored the boundaries of all new technology. Genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, robotics, nano-robotics, techno-sorcery, and all conceivable methods of mind control were all explored by the Light in its quest to accelerate human evolution. The Light's ultimate goal is to make the Earth "take its rightful place at the center of the cosmos"


Season 1

  • Capturing of Speedy, and deploying a clone of him to use as a sleeper agent to infiltrate the Justice League.
  • Creating genomorph clones of Superman at Project Cadmus, like Match and Superboy.
  • Staging four simultaneous attacks by ice-themed villains and arranging them all to be sent to Belle Reve, with the intention orchestrating a major prison breakout.
  • The League of Shadows assassinating Selena Gonzalez.
  • The Kobra Cult taking over Santa Prisca and the synthesizing Kobra-Venom.
  • The League of Shadows kidnapping Dr. Serling Roquette and using Fog to steal information from both STAR Labs and Wayne Tech.
  • Klarion attempting to steal the Helmet of Fate.
  • The retrieving of an echinoderm from Poseidonis and later stealing it from STAR Labs, after it was moved to the surface world.
  • Psimon studying an extraterrestrial Sphere in Bialya and attempting to kidnap and hypnotize Superboy.
  • Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul's ploy to reunite North and South Rhelasia as a single country in order to get the country under the control of the Light.
  • Breaking Riddler out of Belle Reve Penitentiary and allowing Hugo Strange to become warden to put the prison under the Lights' control.
  • The Brain experimenting on Kobra-Venom using animals in both Northern India and Bwunda as test subjects.
  • The Injustice League launching a global attack, to test Kobra-Venom-enhanced plants and to misdirect the heroes away from the Light's real members so that they could continue to operate in secret.
  • Delaying an essential heart transplant operation on Queen Perdita using five snow fortresses covering the United States, as well as deploying Vandal Savage to delay Kid Flash, as a favor to Count Vertigo and as a means to get Vlatava under the Light's control.
  • Putting the entire Justice League under their mind control with Sarro-Tech.
  • Raiding Cadmus to secure both Match and Speedy.

Between Seasons 1 and 2

  • Expelling Ocean-Master from the Light after he was disgraced.
  • Awakening Tiamat to use it as a weapon.
  • Forming an alliance with the Kroloteans after sending the Justice League to attack their home planet.
  • Murdering the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, in hopes of getting the Blue Beetle scarab.

Season 2: Invasion

  • Assembling the Kroloteans on Malina Island, in order to destroy them and form an alliance with their competitor, The Reach.
  • Replacing Ocean-Master with Black Manta.
  • Abducting humans for the Reach
  • Having Aqualad Destroy the Earth-Mars communication satellite, as a test of loyalty.
  • Sending Onslaught to infiltrate Mount Justice, and capture Blue Beetle.
  • Replacing Sportsmaster with Deathstroke as the Light's new enforcer.
  • Pulling strings to ensure four meta-powered teenagers would not fall into the clutches of the Reach
  • Secretly force the revelation of the Reach's hidden fleet by making an alien warlord destroy the Earth.
  • Using media manipulation to turn public opinion against the Reach.
  • Allow teenage operatives to liberate Reach captives, in order for Deathstroke to steal the Warworld's crystal key.
  • Allow the Reach's enemies access to Greater Bialya to cleanse Blue Beetle and Green Beetle's scarabs, and free them from the Reach's control.
  • Publicly partnering with the Reach to distribute a drink laced with an additive designed to render humans subservient in a few generations and secretly adding a neutralizing agent to prevent the same.
  • Orchestrate a summit to lure Black Beetle away from his post.
  • Creating a virus to crash Reach technology.

Between Seasons 2 and 3

  • Have Lady Shiva's daughter kill Joker.

Season 3: Outsiders

  • Replacing Ra's al Ghul, Brain, and Black Manta with Deathstroke, Ultra-Humanite, and Granny Goodness.
  • Make Lady Shiva the new enforcer for the Light.
  • Create chains of meta-human trafficking rings around the world to supply the Light with an army of meta-teens that are boom tubed to the Orphanage.
  • Lex Luther getting elected as the new U.N. secretary-general to put restrictions on the Justice League and turn public opinion against them.
  • Supply meta-teens to alien agents of Apokoplis in order to cause turmoil across planets like Rann, New Genesis, and Thanagar.
  • Saving Earth from a Starro invasion using the Warworld.
  • Sending Lobo to kill Forager to learn about Nightwing's team.
  • Having Lady Shivia kill Ocean Master to prevent him from using the nuclear option.
  • Make Terra a spy for the League of Shadows to gather information about the Justice League.
  • Having Onslaught capture meta-teens from the Meta-Human Youth Center.
  • Klarion conducting Project Rutabaga.
  • The League of Shadows orchestrating a B.I.F. attack in Bwunda in order to make the Outsiders look bad
  • Having Ultra-Humanite kidnap Halo with help from Helga Jace.
  • Giving Terra an antidote chip so she and Geo-Force could escape from Helga's control chips and be kept exactly where they want them.
  • Create Infinity, Inc. to become more popular than the Outsiders.
  • Vandal Savage personally giving the Heroes coordinates to the Orphanage to stop Granny Goodness from using the Anti-Life Equation.
  • Break Baron Bedlam out of jail in order to take over Markovia.
  • Have Terra kill Beast Boy on live TV in order to pass meta registration laws, thus declaring the heroes outlaws and supplying the Light with meta-humans under their control.
  • Replace Granny Goodness with Zviad Baazovi.
  • Turn Geo-Force against the Team and Outsiders to get Markovia under the Light's control.

Season 4: Phantoms

  • Have Brion allow Meta-Humans into Markovia.
  • Ultra-Humanite and Helga Jace creating voluntary Meta-Humans
  • Have Cassandra Savage join The Team in order to steal information from the League's computer system.
  • Vandal Savage asking his son Doctor Fate to help save Earth from the dispute between Klarion and Child.
  • Savage and Casandra evacuating all members and agents of The Light onto the Warworld and safe guarding Earth's history as a precaution in the potential fallout between Klarion and Child.
  • Savage convincing the Lords of Chaos to stop helping Child.
  • Executing Project Thrinos.








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