Kent: "Why can't I stop this? Why won't you let me fight back? How could there be order if Brainiac wins!?"
Nabu: "Humanity breeds chaos. Brainiac is order!"
~ Kent Nelson and Nabu

The Lords of Order are the unseen overarching antagonists of Injustice 2. Unlike their more heroic comic book counterparts The Lords of Order supported Brainiac's invasion with the intention of restoring order.


The Lords of Order are never seen in the game, but do play a major role in it. Dr. Fate first talks about them when he is freed from the helmet's control and says he will talk to The Lords of Order to get them to help stop Brainiac's invasion. It does not end up working though and Dr. Fate is put back under The Lords of Order's control. The Lords of Order also instead support Brainiac's invasion of earth believing it will restore order to the universe as the feeling humanity is beyond saving.

They are next mentioned by Dr. Fate again when he is back under The Lords of Order's control. Dr. Fate tries to stop Batman and Superman from taking down Brainiac and The Lords of Order though Dr. Fate warn Batman and Superman that if they keep fighting it will lead to the rise of an even worse threat than Brainiac. After Dr. Fate is defeated, his helmet is destroyed, breaking The Lords of Order's influence on him.

It is revealed in Raiden's arcade ending that The Lords of Order are deliberately triggering Armageddon in order to correct the multiverse. Not just threatening the Injusiceverse but also the Mortal Kombat universe.


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