The Lynx is a major antagonist in Jack London's White Fang, and the 1982 anime film Shiroi Kiba Monogatari. She is a ferocious and vengeful feline who kills One-Eye and attacks Kiche and White Fang in their cave.


Near the end of winter was a famine and because of this, four of the five wolf cubs died. All that was left was one gray cub (who would later be named White Fang), who was the most energetic of the bunch and the only one who looked like One-Eye. Then One-Eye died trying to kill the Lynx, but the Lynx won. Since One-Eye was dead, Kiche the she-wolf had to hunt for food. So White Fang had to stay in the cave by himself.

When Kiche starts to leave White Fang in the cave while she goes and hunts, he at first does not approach the entrance because he is afraid. He knows he must be obedient to Kiche, the urge to explore becomes stronger and stronger, and he finally leaves the cave and tumbles down a little slope, scared. He kills a ptarmigan chick and is attacked by the mother, nearly misses being swooped up by a hawk, and falls in a stream. He climbs out, only to be attacked by a weasel and just barely in time, is rescued by Kiche. She kills the weasel, and they eat it.

White Fang ventures out again after two days, determined to learn more about the world, perhaps to get a squirrel or have another go at the ptarmigan. He learns to slink, he learns to stalk. When a famine comes again, he hunts alongside Kiche. He even stands out in the open, daring the hawk to come down so he can attack it. The famine is broken when Kiche brings home a lynx kitten and the cub feasts.

The Lynx, after discovering that her cubs have been eaten, comes to the lair to attack the wolves to avenge her cubs. White Fang watches while Kiche and the Lynx fight, and she leaps up and digs her teeth into the Lynx a few times. Finally, the two wolves bring her down. They are quite torn by the cat's claws, and stay in the lair and eat the Lynx as they heal.



  • In the 1982 anime film Shiroi Kiba Monogatari, Kiche never avenged One-Eye's death by killing the Lynx.
  • In the 1997 animated film, One-Eye's death was caused by an avalanche instead of the Lynx.
  • In the 2018 CGI film Croc-Blanc, a lynx resembling the same one who attacked Kiche and White Fang is seen in one of White Fang's fights. The only difference is that the fighting lynx's eyes are yellow instead of blue.
  • The Lynx's coat in the anime film resembles that of a Eurasian lynx instead of a Canadian lynx.


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