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I live! I breathe again! I rise, I will rise to bleach the sky and still the water! I will spin the world wheel and set the future upon the path of redemption! My time is come! More pig! More pig!
~ The Machine upon being reactivated by Mandus.
Mandus! I know you are out here! I own this city, I am this city! Redeem yourselves! Redemption is at hand! Enter the cleansing and set your souls free! For you are born into filth and will die as pigs. Only through my redemption can you ascend to the skies and claim your heavens as your kingdom. Fall on your knees! Ashes, ashes, bones and ashes! For the piles will reach critical and we can have such a burning that this city will shine as a beacon of redemption for the world!
~ The Machine's announcement to London

The Machine is the main antagonist of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. A massive factory-like complex built underground in London, it was created by Oswald Mandus in 1899 with the intent of harvesting humans (as well as turning them into manpigs for manual labor) all over the world for mass murder on an industrial scale in order to prevent the horrors of the 20th century.



Driven mad by revelations found in an ancient Mexican temple by use of the so-called "Orb" and bent on stopping this ghastly future, Oswald Mandus set about constructing the machine as a form of god in the hopes of saving mankind from future suffering via industrial, mechanised, mass human sacrifice. Using the hearts of his sons as an integral part of the machine, he starts working on constructing the machine. At some point Oswald's soul ruptures and integrates itself with the machine as The Engineer, giving it sentience.

During the machine's construction, Oswald then transferred his own blood into the machine to bring about its sentience, unwittingly implanting the broken half of his soul into the mechanical leviathan as well. Free of his dark alter-ego's malevolence and influence, Mandus crumbled, confessing to his dead wife he had become a monster beyond redemption, mourning her and his children.

He locked himself down in his bedroom as fever overtook him, erecting a steel cage around his bed, and bolted most of the doors shut within his mansion, in a desperate effort to ensure no one would find or reactivate the engines.


  • During The Machine's last pleading to Mandus, he talks about the horrors of the 20th century; the First and Second World Wars, bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the death of Mandus' sons (two brothers who would fall in the war), the Stalinist regime in Russia, the Holocaust, etc. Whether this was intended as an actual reference to the same events that took place in the real world, or simply poetic pleading is unknown.


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