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The Machine is the main antagonist of the Turrican series. He initially appeared in Turrican II: The Final Fight, appearing again as main villain and final boss in all subsequent games (except the first Super Turrican game on SNES).


The Machine is a half-human, half-robot evil overlord who seeks to conquer and ruin the entire universe with the aid of his vast bio-mechanical armies. He is shown as a powerful opponent, the intro to Super Turrican II outright calling him the "incarnation of evil". He is responsible for untold death and destruction, conquering planets and enslaving it's inhabitants. His schemes would be opposed by the forces of the United Planet Freedom Forces and the hero Bren McGuire, who wears the titular Turrican suit.

Turrican II: The Final Fight

The Machine launches a full-out assault on the UPFF spacecruiser Avalon 1, disabling it's defenses and invading the ship. His mutant forces kill all crew members of the ship, except for Bren McGuire who survives by pretending he's dead. As the Machine's forces leave the ship, Bren takes on the Turrican fighting suit and decides to pursue The Machine to get revenge for his friends.

Bren arrives at the planet Landorin, which had been taken over by the Machine, who destroyed most of it's civilization. Bren explores the planet and defeats the Machine's forces, but The Machine escapes after his defeat and the planet is liberated from his influence.

Mega Turrican

Years after his last defeat, The Machine rebuilds his forces and conquers various planets, enslaving all who survives his onslaught. A girl sends a distress call to the UPFF, which is picked by Bren, now leader of the forces. Without hesitation, Bren once again dons his Turrican suit and takes off to save the universe from the Machine's forces. The Machine is once again defeated, blowing up along with his planet, though that wasn't the last the universe would see of him.

Super Turrican

Having survived the explosion of his planet, The Machine once again gathers his forces and in a surprise attack takes over the planet Katakis. Avalon 1 receives a call for help from the planet and immediately travels to Katakis, dispatching it's forces to fight The Machine. Again defeated, The Machine retreats to rebuild his forces.

Super Turrican II

The next target for The Machine's plans would be a star system located on the arms of a black hole. His forces destroyed the civilizations on these planets without much resistance, but they managed to sens a call to Avalon 1, which once again sets it's course after the Machine. The Machine is defeated and gets caught in the explosion of his ship, supposedly killing him.