The Mafia is an evil faction introduced in mystery RPG game Town of Salem.


The Mafia is a faction organized in a town. Their prominent goal is kill everyone (especially the Town members) who opposing to the Mafia.

All Mafia members have unique abilities and powers, however, there are maximum four Mafia members in a game, and this forces Mafia's victory against the Town, the Coven and the Neutrals. If The Mafia plays a very well role, they can capture the majority in the Town and defeat other factions easily.

The Mafia must pay attention for investigative roles like Sheriff, Investigator, Lookout and Potion Master. If they learn and reveal the Mafia members' role, they will lynch them if the Mafia has no majority.

The Mafia must eliminate the Town, the Coven and the Neutrals (except Survivor, Witch, Pirate, Executioner, Jester, Guardian Angel) to win.


There are three Mafia alignments and eleven Mafia members;

Mafia Killing

Mafia Killing members can attack and kill the other people. There are three Mafia Killing roles;

  • Godfather - Leader of the organized crime.
  • Mafioso - The Godfather's right-hand man.
  • Ambusher - A serial murderer who works for them.

Mafia Deception

Mafia Deception members tries to manipulate and misdrect the investigative roles. There are five Mafia Deception roles;

  • Disguiser - Chooses a target and disguises itself as it.
  • Forger - Forges people's Last Wills.
  • Framer - Frames people and shows them as a Mafia member.
  • Janitor - Cleans up dead bodies and their roles and Last Wills.
  • Hypnotist - Hypnotizes people and makes the person think something happened without anything happening

Mafia Support

Mafia Support members collects information from the Mafia. There are three Mafia Support roles;

  • Blackmailer - Blackmails people. The person who is blackmailed can't talk during the day.
  • Consigliere - Investigates people and learns their roles.
  • Consort - Distracts people and blocks them. The person who is blocked can't use their ability during the night.


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Mafia;

  • The Sicilian Mafia: Win with all Mafia members still alive.
  • Discipline for Crime: Win with half of the Mafia roles.
  • Adept of the Mafia: Win with all of the Mafia roles.
  • Savant of Business: Win with all Coven expansion Mafia roles.


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The Mafia
Mafia Killing: Godfather | Mafioso | Ambusher
Mafia Deception: Disguiser | Forger | Framer | Hypnotist | Janitor
Mafia Support: Blackmailer | Consigliere | Consort

The Coven
Coven Evil:: Coven Leader | Hex Master | Medusa | Necromancer | Poisoner | Potion Master

Neutral Killing: Arsonist | Juggernaut | Serial Killer | Werewolf
Neutral Evil: Executioner | Jester | Witch
Neutral Benign: Amnesiac | Guardian Angel | Survivor
Neutral Chaos: Pirate | Plaguebearer | Pestilence | Vampire

Traitorous Townies
Town Support: Mayor | Escort | Medium | Transporter
Town Killing: Jailor | Veteran | Vigilante
Town Protective: Bodyguard | Crusader | Doctor || Trapper
Town Investigative: Investigator | Lookout | Psychic | Sheriff | Spy | Tracker


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