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More appearances of the Man with the Upside-Down Face. A New Year’s Eve party at an Air Force base in 1943 where a man was fatally injured, a car accident in 1948 and a disastrous train accident in 1951. It’s interesting to note that no matter how close he gets to other bystanders, no one has ever recalled seeing him at the time. It’s only in the photos after the fact that he’s seen.
~ A Tumblr caption about the Man with the Upside-Down Face.

The Man with the Upside-Down Face, also known as the Upside-Down Man or simply the Man, is a monster and urban legend created by Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson, and quite possibly the most evil entity in the Trevor Henderson mythos. He is a ruthless entity who loves causing pain and death in order to feed off the negative emotions of others for sadism.


As the name implies, The Man With the Upside-Down Face appears as an otherwise average-looking human male whose face is orientated upside-down on his head. In all his appearances, the Man wears a dark suit and an eerie, sinister grin.


Pictures of the Man dating back from the 1910s to the 1960s started appearing on the internet, when Trevor uploaded three old photographs onto his social media, two of which depict car crashes. At first glace the photos appear mundane, but on further inspection, The Man With the Upside-Down Face can be seen lurking in the background, always staring at the camera with his trademark evil smile.

In the first photo, a crowd of onlookers gather around the scene of a car crash. The Man can be seen behind the car through the windows, staring at the viewer. The second photo is another car crash, except the Man is inside of the car, once again smiling directly at the photographer. The third photo appears to be a normal photo of a marketplace, except the Man appears in the back, grinning. Looking in deeper at the third photo, it is noted that the location of the picture is in Budapest, Hungary, suggesting a possible place of origin of The Man With the Upside-Down Face.

Because of the Man's nature of appearing at the scenes of tragic, violent deaths, it was first assumed that the Man was some form of The Grim Reaper. Future investigating revealed that was not the case. Trevor later on uploaded three more old photos of the Man, along with more information on him: The Man feeds off of negative emotions, such as grief, terror, misery and pain, and appears in places where tragic deaths and suffering occur to get his fill, such as car crashes, fires, homicides, and even in places where other monsters, like The Bridge Worms, have killed people. When "feeding", The Man With the Upside-Down Face is invisible to others, only appearing in photographs. He is almost never shown before a tragic event; only after the fact.

Recently, Trevor Henderson has released two more pictures of the Man with the Upside-Down Face, which were taken hours before a brutal fire. Interestingly, these are the first pictures of the Man to not be in black-and-white, possibly suggesting that more recent sightings of the Man will be revealed soon.


The Man is an incredibly sadistic creature, feeding off negative emotions and silently influencing others to keep up the cycle of suffering. As Henderson states, "His face is on wrong because he loves perverting the expectations of how a human is put together. He loves grief and pain from roadside accidents, but any awful feelings will do. He's an awful parasite, like a leech or lamprey. He's physically there, we just can't see him though."

It is believed that the Man is just as bad or even much worse than the infamous Cartoon Cat and he appears to be the most threatening evil being out there. Causing and feeding on pain, suffering, and death without any remorse, he leeches off the suffering of his victims, during their terrifying and painful events, sucking the life out of them for his own twisted pleasure and satisfaction.

Trevor has revealed more information on the Man with the Upside-Down Face that only further supports his status as a sadistic and evil creature who loves torture. He is said to be timeless and Trevor has said that his physical form exists only to torment humanity, suggesting that he could be a sort of Lovecraftian horror who decided to manifest in a physical body just to feed on humanity’s suffering. This is further supported by Trevor stating that his body and upside-down face is “just for show.”

Trevor has called the Man a sort of “bottom feeder,” as he is drawn to tragic events, but he is not usually able to directly cause them. However, he can influence other factors to help said tragedies happen, examples being turning ordinary arguments into violent fights and causing a normally sturdy tire to blow in a car while he is in the back seat, helping the disastrous events unfold with pain and suffering soon to follow.

Trevor has confirmed that out of all of his creatures, the Man is "the pettiest a**hole of the bunch".





  • He was created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. His other creations include Siren Head, Cartoon Cat, the Country Road Creature, the Bridge Worms, the Smile Room, the Good Boy, the Lamb, the Man in the Red Room, the Fetid King, the Giants, and Long Horse.
  • He was based on the 1943 short-story The Crowd, written by the late Ray Bradbury.
  • On a "pain scale" of one to ten (with ten being the worst) created by Henderson for his monsters, both the Man with the Upside-Down Face and Cartoon Cat are placed on ten (if not for the latter, then possibly 8 or 9), implying that they are both possibly the evilest beings Trevor has created by far. However, unlike Cartoon Cat, the Man with the Upside-Down Face has a much clearer moral agency and is far more exceedingly evil than Cartoon Cat, being a clear sadist who loves to feed on negative emotions caused by tragedies and indirectly causes the tragedies which lead to people dying while Cartoon Cat hasn't killed anyone (that we know of).
  • On Twitter, Trevor posted an artwork of the Man with the Upside-Down Face, calling him the "patron saint of car wrecks, natural disasters, misery, and bloody pavement", suggesting he most likely also feeds on the mass amount of misery natural disasters cause.
    • He has also called the Man the patron saint of “small tragedies and bad vibes".
  • One Twitter user commented on a compilation of pictures of the Man, saying that he likes to think that the Man with the Upside Down Face whistles, though it becomes a “resonating sound that you can barely hear out of the corner of your ear” that contains fuzzy jumping sounds, like a “far-off radio, coming out with the right melody, but the wrong lyric tune.” Trevor later accepted this little fact as canon.
  • The Man with the Upside-Down Face doesn't breathe.
  • It is possible that meat spoils rapidly near the Man with the Upside-Down Face.
  • Trevor has hinted at the Man with the Upside-Down Face being a masochist by making a small quip that he imagines the Man drinking a bowl of soup by just shoving the bowl into his face even if it’s scalding hot and slurping it up while the hot soup pours into his eyes.
  • So far, the Man with the Upside-Down Face, alongside Cartoon Cat, are the only ones of Trevor's villainous creations that actually have moral agencies and are not amoral. However, while Cartoon Cat is morally aware of what he does, Cartoon Cat is very enigmatic with no clear personality nor are his crimes (other than stalking and breaking and entering) made clear, the Man with the Upside-Down Face does everything just for fun, having a clear personality, causing tragedies which get people killed and then feeding off of negative emotions for his own sick and twisted pleasure.


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