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The mysterious Masked Man is the main villain Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny


Aden and Sonja first meet him when they beat the second Boss. He seeks to destroy the world by rekindling the war between the Elder Dragons and the Legendary Golem, and attempts to hinder the Dragon Knight (Aden) and the Dragon Priestess' attempts to stop him. Ultimately, he fails and retreats, stating that Aden is nothing but a pawn of a greater force who is playing him like a puppet. He also turns an island to stone.

He sends Aden and Sonja 200 years in the future, causing them to lose all of their friends and family.

Very determined to accomplish the goals he has in mind, he becomes a challenge for Aden/Sonja as he goes around to each tower for unknown reason.

Usually donning a mask, gauntlets, and a large sword, it isn't until the end of the game does he take off his robes.

When removing his robe, he is revealed to be a man in possession of Sonja's body, whom he has outfitted with a full set of armor (except the helmet). Only seen at the top of the four towers during the main story line, and during majority of the end-game story arc.

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