The Mayor is a minor character and antagonist in the game Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He is the selfish mayor of the post-apocalyptic town of Freehaven who cares only for himself. Though briefly allying himself with the 12th Battalion he eventually sells them out to Caulder to obtain a cure for the Creeper Derengea.


The Mayor first encountered the 12th Battalion when they stopped by the town after hearing that it held survivors. The village was soon attacked by the Beast and his Raiders, but the 12 Battalion fended them off in exchange for the Mayor agreeing to take in more civilians who had been displaced by the meteor shower that had ravaged the world.

However, after Brenner's Wolves drove the Raiders away, the Mayor refused to hold up his end of the bargain and denied agreeing to Brenner's demands, claiming he had only stated he would consider taking in more civilians.

After the Creeper virus spreads throughout his village, the Mayor makes a deal with Caulder to turn over Isabella in exchange for the cure for the virus. Meeting with Caulder, the Mayor is told by the scientist that he only has a small sample of the virus with him, not enough to cure a village, and that reproducing the cure would be difficult without it. Despite this, the Mayor insists that Caulder give him the cure anyway, seeking only to save himself. However, after taking it, the Mayor learns that the substance Caulder gave him was not the cure at all and dies of the Creeper shortly after.


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