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Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.
~ The Merovingian

The Merovingian is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of The Matrix trilogy; appearing as the secondary antagonist in The Matrix Reloaded and a minor antagonist in The Matrix Revolutions.

He was an exiled program within the Matrix who figuratively appeared as one of the kingpin figures.


The Merovingian first appeared in The Matrix Reloaded, where he was an exiled Program who owns a safe haven for defects. He and his wife Persephone own a bar and has allies known as the Twins and the Trainman. As of currently, he was holding a program called the Keymaker prisoner, as he deduces that he may the key to the Source of the Matrix. As such, he refuses to release him to Neo and Morphues' custody. However, Persephone allows Neo, Trinity and Morpheus to take the Keymaker out of spite against the Merovingian for his infidelity towards her, prompting an annoyed Merovingian to send the Twins to go after them, though they end up failing.

The Merovingian later appeared in The Matrix Revolutions, where he is astounded to learn that Neo is trapped in a limbo between the Matrix and the Machine City. To that end, he tells the Trainman to ensure that Neo doesn't exit the limbo at all costs, much to Neo's dismay. Fortunately, Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph confront the Merovingian in person before holding him gunpoint, forcing a frightened Merovingian to finally oblige to let Neo free from the limbo. It is unknown what happened to the Merovingian afterwards, though it may be presumed that he and the other exile programs were assimilated by Agent Smith during the latter's takeover of the Matrix, which was implied when Smith commented to a small girl named Sati about being the last exile program to finish off.


  • He was portrayed by Lambert Wilson in Enter the Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.


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