The Messenger is an envoy sent by the Armada and the final antagonist of Power Rangers Megaforce. He was deployed by the Armada to retrieve Vrak in preparation for their invasion of Earth and to defeat the Mega Rangers.


The Messenger was at some point sent by Prince Vekar to report on the Warstar's invasion of Earth.

The Messenger arrived in Vrak's underwater lab after the Warstar's final attack that resulted in the death of Admiral Malkor and Vrak being critically injured. He discovered that Vrak had been converted into a cyborg by Metal Alice and was impressed by cybernetic form she had modified him into, commenting how the Armada believed Vrak to be dead.

Right before Vrak's remaining forces began their final assault against the Mega Rangers, the Messenger gives the Armada the go-signal to begin a full-scale invasion.

During the final battle, after Vrak disabled the Rangers' Gosei Morphers, the Messenger appeared to finish them off. The Messenger went head-to-head with Robo Knight and defeated him but before he could finish the Mega Rangers off, Robo Knight used his power to restore their Morphers.

The Messenger was then beaten when the Mega Rangers combined Robo Knight's power with their Ultra Power. However, his head endured enough for him to tell Vrak about the upcoming Armada attack. He advised him to go into hiding since his cyborg form would make him unrecognizable and may mistake him for an enemy. It's unknown what happened to the Messenger's remains after the Armada attacked.


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