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The Monkeys are a minor antagonistic gang in the controversial 2003 stealth/horror video game Manhunt.

It's currently unknown as to who voiced them.


A group of madmen, The Monkeys dress in monkey suits while mimicking the sounds they make. They operate in the Carcer City Zoo, ambushing everyone who isn't one of them. The Monkeys are said to be extremely aggressive when their banana reserves run dry.


They appear in just one mission, the bonus mission "Monkey See, Monkey Die".


They prefer to use sawn-off shotguns and machetes to attack any and all unfortunate people who enter their territory. Strange since they believe they're actually monkeys and they somehow know how to use and reload firearms, though it's possible they learned how to before they went insane and are able to do so on instinct.




  • The Monkeys are the only group in the game that doesn't speak at all. 
  • There is a hidden Monkey near the end of the bonus level which can be only be reached by the trainer. 
  • Even though they only ever appear in one mission in the game, an optional one at that, there are more members of The Monkeys (38 of them in total) than the S.W.A.T (20) and The Hoods (30) despite a former member of them, Mr. Nasty, being on the front cover of the game's cover.
  • At the beginning of the mission "Doing Time", Lionel Starkweather says the phrase "Monkey see, monkey kill". According to unused text, Cash was originally supposed to kill a Smiley wearing a monkey suit and wear it for himself. If Cash were to be spotted at any point, one of the lines Starkweather would've said was the "Monkey see, monkey kill" line but it was cut and the developers simply reused the line as an insult to Cash from Starkweather.

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