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The Monster is an unstoppable ancient robot beast built by Humans, which goal was to entirelly destroy the planet of Argens in Lem's novel Cyberiada. His size was so huge that his spin, seen from far, looked like mountain range. Detailed origin of the Monster isn't known, but it was surely build by humans, named by robots Palers.


The Monster was awaken during the lordship of king Inhiston. The Monster was annihilating everything that it saw. Nobody on the planet knew where the Monster came from, but some people claimed that it's undead creature.

However, they weren't completely wrong, because after every killing of Monster (which appeared to be almost impossible) it just resurrected and started its terror again.

The Argens send three gigantic robots against the Monster. First of them, Coppery, was in fact a walking fortress. It was about 10 kilometers tall and had an emitter of laser, which could cut even hills. Coppery was destroyed anyway after such epic battle, that took one day.

Second robot, Mercuryhead, was in opposite to Coppery very dynamic. He had also special ability: the longer and stronger he was beaten, the harder his armor became. He had defeated the Monster, however he had sacrificed and took the Monster to the planet's core.

Unfortunately, after this fight the Monster resurrected out of nothing, being dangerous again. Argens send the third warrior, which was made completely of antimatter. He annihilated Monster very quickly, but he also get destroyed. The effect of such gigantic annihilation was obvious: entire planet of Argens was destroyed now.

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