The Monster is the main enemy and antagonist of the fan made 2012 Survival Horror game Erie. It was mutated by forced experiments, lurks in an abandoned underground facility and will kill anyone that enters it.

Physical Appearance

The monster is quadruped and twice as big as the average human. It's front limbs possess huge claws and are larger than it's hind limbs, which have two toes. It's skin is pale in color somewhat like The Rake, it lacks teeth and it's eyes are pure white with no pupils.


It was October 1966. In a nuclear plant under Lake Erie, a Fermi 1 Nuclear Power Generator lab accident occured, and locals began to vanish. An investigative reporter named Oliver Victor was called to the scene to investigate the disappearances.

Oliver then found himself in an underground complex, and searched for survivors, but the rescue mission turned into a struggle for survival when the monster began hunting him down ruthlessly. Eventually, Oliver managed to escape a grisly fate when he launched himself out of a pipe into the waters of Lake Erie. But just because he managed to survive the monster's wrath didn't mean that it was defeated and wasn't awaiting it's next unsuspecting victim...


  • It somewhat shares similarities to Killer Croc. Both are tragic mutants that lurk underground in some way (The monster/A facility, Croc/The sewers of Gotham City) awaiting their victims.
  • When one thinks about it, the monster was never actually defeated. Oliver only escaped it, which means it still resides in the complex. However, it would most likely be dead in the present day due to age, since the game takes place in 1966.