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Guess it's time, you better plug in all your nightlights.
What's out there past your darkened door?
Just the eyes floating up out of the shore.
Hey man, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend!
~ The Monster in "Monster".
Your skin is freezing... Here, let me help you take it off!
~ The Monster in "Winter Horrorland".

The Monster is a major antagonist in Friday Night Funkin', being the main antagonist of Week 2 and the secondary antagonist of Week 5. Unlike other antagonists in the game whose villainy is either off-screen or merely attempted, or who merely want to protect/steal the Girlfriend from the Boyfriend, the Monster is truly and actively heinous, with a desire to torture, mutilate, kill, and devour them both.

He is voiced by Bassetfilms.


Unique among the characters in Friday Night Funkin', the Monster is a far cry from the humanoid, fairly cutesy characters in the game, being a gangly, nightmarish abomination consisting of a yellow lemon-like head with large, red eyes, a slit mouth, and large humanoid teeth, a red neck, and a black body with two fingers and toes. In Week 5, he also wears a tattered "Santa hat", presumably taken from the mall Santa being held hostage by Daddy Dearest.


The Monster is without much doubt the worst Friday Night Funkin' has to offer, being actively hunting for people to slaughter. In both of his songs, he gleefully goes into detail of his plans for the protagonists, both entailing their torture and eventual consumption.

The Monster is also not afraid of actively killing in the open, attacking the mall in Week 5, assumingly causing much bloodshed, and adorning the Christmas tree with the crimson fluid, entrails, and a severed head (which bears a striking resemblance to the Girlfriend's own head).

The Monster is also fully sentient, speaking clear English, having methodical planning in mind (promising Skid and Pump with candy if they bring him the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend), having some ownership of a dungeon, and also having some knowledge of cooking.



  • The Monster's songs are two of the three playable songs to feature lyrics, with the other song being Tutorial.
  • The song "Monster" was once not in the game because of mapping with the song and the developers not wanting a bad song. It was only in the debug mode at the time after someone managed to map the song. The official release of the song came out in the Week 7 update.
  • The Monster is one of four characters to not have vocal effects done by Isaac Garcia/Kawai Sprite, sharing this trait with Mommy Mearest, Skid and Pump, and Tankman.
  • Due to its lemon-like head, many fans were originally quick to assume the Monster was based off the band Lemon Demon, to the point where Lemon Demon was used as a fan nickname for it. This was later deconfirmed as a direct influence by the game's creator, ninjamuffin99.
  • On Twitter it was confirmed that he can "twist perception" in response to what happened to the crowd in Week 5. This could either mean that the gore covered mall was reality and the crowd was an illusion, or that he made the gore covered mall appear to the Girlfriend and Boyfriend.
    • Meanwhile, on Reddit, ninjamuffin99 confirmed that the mall Santa being held hostage is dead. Considering that the Monster wears a tattered Santa hat when he appears in "Winter Horrorland", Santa may have been killed by Monster, and the entrails scattered around the tree are most likely his. It is currently unknown how much of the gore covering the mall is fabricated by Monster.
  • Although his head appears to be a lemon, it was later confirmed that it merely resembles one.


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