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The Motega Five are main protagonists in the horror anthology TV series Slasher. They appear in Season 2 as camp counselors that were responsible for the death of another camp counselor, the cover up, and the framing of Owen Turnbull.



  • Peter Broome
  • Dawn Duguin
  • Andi Criss
  • Susan Lam
  • Noah Jenkins


The Past

The Motega Five were a group of camp counselors that worked at a summer camp in Canada, known as Camp Motega. One summer, a new camp counselor named Tavlinder Gill joined. While seemingly nice and naive at first, Tavlinder's true nature was of a trouble-making manipulator. She tore the group apart with various stunts she pulled, most notably sleeping with Andi's boyfriend, Peter Broome. Eventually, they got fed up with her and devised a little plan to get her back. One night, they took her out and abandoned her in the forest, telling her that she would have to spend an entire night out there. In just minutes, Tavlinder tripped down a hill and severely injured herself. Thinking that they killed her, the group wrapped her body in a blanket and attempted to get rid of it. But, Tavlinder woke up and once they realized that Tavlinder was likely gonna tell on them, Andi beat her with a big rock. However, this did not kill her and Noah finished her off by bashing her head in with the rock. In order to cover up Tavlinder's death, the group hid her body and put a piece of her jewelry in fellow camp counselor, Owen Turnbull's basket. The cops arrested Owen for the disappearance of Tavlinder and he was thrown in prison. Upon realizing that he would never get out, Owen committed suicide in his cell.

Return to Camp Motega

Five years later, The Motega Five returned to Camp Motega, now a community known as We Live as One. Their goal was to get rid of Tavlinder's body before somebody discovered it.


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