The Mother (Dragon Age)

The Mother

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You took that beautiful music from us, and left us nothing!
~ The Mother
Am I not beautiful?
~ The Mother

The Mother is a powerful Broodmother and one of the main antagonists of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Mother was released from the Old Gods' call by The Architect but was driven completely insane as a result - going against the being that had freed her in order to try and reconnect herself and her many "children" with the Old Gods and relieve her intense suffering over what she had become.

The Mother has many Children and is also in charge of a faction of Disciples - several of which appear in Awakening as lesser threats (the named Disciples are The First, The Lost and The Herald).

Ultimately, the Mother gathers a massive army of Darkspawn to attack the city of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep. After one of these battles, the Warden-Commander seeks out the Mother in her lair and slays her by impaling her though her stomach, chest, and finally severing her spinal cord by running a sword though her mouth.


In Jade Empire, another BioWare game, there is a creature called "The Mother" that bears similar traits - a corpulent matriarchal entity of a race of twisted humanoids ("Cannibals"), begetting a legion of 'offspring', with the desire to wreak havoc upon the land on the surface.

  • Some experience the cutscene of the Mother's death being replayed in an endless loop, preventing the credits from being shown.