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The Nanotech (also known as the Nano) are the anti-heroes turned secondary antagonists of the second season of Revolution, and the main antagonist of comic finale of Revolution: Endgame.


The nano was designed by Ben Matheson, Rachel Matheson, Grace Beaumont, Bradley Jaffe and John Sanborn to absorb technology, they were also used by Rachel to cause the Blackout to save her son, Danny through a back door of Aaron Pitman's house.

Over the years the nano have been the cause of the formations of the Monroe Militia, the Patriots, the Rebels, Plains Nations and the California Commonswealth, when Aaron used them to turn the power back on, they suddenly went out of control and appeared in Aaron's mind trying to use him into helping get their code fixed.

He and Priscillla came to old friend, Peter Garner, who helped Aaron with the code to the nano by putting Aaron through a dream reality by them under the guise of Calvin Horn to make him fix their code, which succeeded.

Later, the nano gained control of Priscilla by blackmailing Aaron into helping them understand humanity, otherwise Priscilla would die, when Rachel discovered this, she and Aaron knock them out as Priscilla, then Priscilla woke up and told Aaron that she had a vision of the nano controlling a town in Idaho called, Bradbury, starting with a grinning man, he will treat the Patriots like Boy Scouts.

Turns out the vision was true, they turned Tom Neville into the grinning man by making the Patriots "apologize" for their misdeeds and gaining control of them, Grace found out about this and tried to kill them, only for them to suck Priscilla's life into an aged old husk dying, as she passes a code to stop the nano to Rachel, Aaron and Priscilla, before dying.

Later, Miles, Charlie, Monroe, Aaron and Priscilla went to Bradbury to turn off the nano, only for Neville to try and force them into joining. Upon seeing Connor under the control of the nano, Monroe retaliates and shoots Neville in the head, as mind controlled citizens of the nano attacked, Davis and Truman were killed by Charlie and Monroe for the deaths of Aaron and Priscilla, as they try to escape, Rachel sacrifices herself by infiltrating the mind of the nano to shut it off permanently with the code, ending them once and for all, at the cost of Rachel and Connor.

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