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During the Telltale Sam and Max series The Devil's Playhouse, an enigmatic Narrator appears to introduce each segment.


Throughout the series, the Narrator manifests and speaks directly to the audience at the start and conclusion of the four episodes of The Devil's Playhouse. He talks and acts in a manner reminiscent of Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone. The Narrator also demonstrates a sarcastic side at times.

As the plot unfolds, Max is eventually transformed into a giant Godzilla-like monstrosity and Sam fears losing his little buddy. During the events of the fifth and final segment, The City That Dares Not Sleep, the Narrator plays his biggest role.

The City That Dares Not Sleep

In his mutated state, the Godzilla-like Max goes on a rampage through New York City much to Sam's horror. The Narrator recounts over the events, describing how various projections of Max's psyche (manifested as a series of floating, enflamed Max heads) have been sent out to feed while also asking the audience as to whether or not they can determine who the betrayer of the story ultimately will be.

Going on the inside of Max's body in a team of himself with pregnant Sybil Pandemik-Lincoln and Anton Papierwaite, Sam discovers a door leading into an unusual monochromatic realm. Within, he finds that the Narrator is the true culprit of the season's events. The Narrator turns out to be a manifestation of Max's superego who has been suppressed over the years. He resents that Max has long ignored his various attempts to become more culturally refined and that he has to suffer while enduring various stupid things like "armpit farts and locker room giggles". Having had enough, he decided to overload Max's psychic abilities that will lead to his self-destruction. To make matters worse, the resulting explosion would destroy most of the northeastern side of the United States in the process. The Narrator is completely apathetic to the cost of life sure to follow, even noting that the explosion would be a spectacular way to end it all.

However, Sybil's water breaks while still inside Max's brain. Despite all of the psychosis and contemptuous acts, the various floating Max head projections come together in an attempt to save Sybil and ensure the security of her and her child. Realizing that Max is capable of such a selfless act despite all the psychosis and anger, the Narrator acts to prevent the psychic overload from destroying the mutated Max. However, Max still tragically perishes when he is struck by a warhead (although he teleports away from the Earth to save New York City), ultimately killing the Narrator and fulfilling his intended goal.


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