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We are the Network. And we are here for your betterment. In the last 23 years, have you not marvelled as information technology has surged forward? (Gary: No.) Earth has grown smaller yet greater as connectivity has grown. This is our doing, and it is just the beginning.
~ The Network.

The Network is the main antagonist of the 2013 comedy sci-fi The World's End, the third instalment in the Cornetto Trilogy. It is an omniscient being responsible for taking over many civilizations and replacing them with robot replicas known as blanks.

It was voiced by Bill Nighy who also voiced Whitey in Flushed Away , portrayed Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and Howard Clifford in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.


The Network itself didn't appear until the climax of the movie after witnessing the two protagonists Gary King and Andy Knightley arguing, he tells the two about the advantages the blanks offer and attempts to manipulate Gary King himself into joining the blanks and returning to his youthful form where he was young, thriving and had potential in life Gary at first appears to agree before tearing off the replica's head claiming that he is the one and only Gary King. Gary and Andy then continuously argue with The Network about being human to which they are constantly dismissed as The Network did not believe two drunk men could represent the entire human race. Steven Prince then jumped down before The Network proclaiming that he too was representing the human race, several other humans then stood up proclaiming that they didn't want The Network controlling their lives. The Network eventually gives up pursuing and leaves Earth abandoning all of the blanks.  

After leaving The Network sucked all of the technology out of Earth throwing all of the human race back into the Dark Ages. It presumably continues its work elsewhere on other planets after the events of the movie. 


The Network had no real physical form and simply appeared as three shades of light which would move accordingly whenever it spoke.


  • Of all of the Cornetto Trilogy main antagonists The Network appeared to have the best goals in mind as it wished to perfect beings simply in their own image and arguably improve them. This is backed up due to the fact that David had mere petty hatred for Shan in mind and nothing more to the point of forcing him to shoot his own mother while Frank Butterman took his intentions far too extremely and committed several atrocities.


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