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Don't you think it's time to say goodbye to those childhood friends of yours?
~ The Night in the Season 3 trailer.

The Night is the overarching antagonist of the 2019 Disney animated series Amphibia. It is a mysterious monster who is the master of King Andrias, which seeks to dismantle the prophecy that brought the girls to Amphibia.


Although mostly not shown yet, the Night appears to be an mechanical arachnid-like creature with thirteen orange eyes and tentacles on the side of its spherical body. It is of massive size, towering over Andrias, who himself is much larger than humans.


The Night made its first appearance at the end of "The First Temple", where Andrias heads into his basement to a secret room following a report by General Yunan about the toads' political situation. There he bows to his master in a computerized room, tells it "the prophecy" is being undone, and that they will have their revenge soon, to which the monster mechanically roars in response.

In "True Colors", Sasha and Grime discover the mural revealing Andrias' true intentions, which features the Night in the background as he presides over the death and destruction caused by his conquests.


Referring to The Night

Three stars burning bright, come from beyond to expel the Night. Whether they fight or embrace the fall, their choice shall determine all.
~ The prophecy of Amphibia.
The prophecy is being undone as we speak, my lord. Soon, we will have our revenge.
~ King Andrias to the Night.



  • The Night is alluded to in the intro sequence, which depicts figures resembling Anne, Marcy and Sasha battling against a large toad-like creature with gems for eyes and fire in its hands, although this differs from its apparent design. However, it may have multiple forms.
  • The prophecy likely refers to to the one seen in Andrias' journal, which when translated from Amphibian text states "Three stars burning bright, come from beyond to expel the Night. Whether they fight or embrace the fall, their choice shall determine all".
  • The Night's appearance may be inspired by Lavos from Chrono Trigger, or the Abyss Creature/Nightmare's Heart from Hollow Knight.
  • Given the nature of its introduction, it is possible that the Night is a machine.


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