The Nurse (real name: Sally Smithson) is one of the playable characters of Dead by Daylight.


In her past, Sally Smithson lived happily with her husband Andrew, a lumberjack, in a wooden cabin he'd built for the both of them. Sally had dreams of a family with Andrew, & all was looking well, but of course, her life was destined to come crashing down...One unfourtunate day, Sally found that Andrew did not come home, but rather, his foreman, who told her that he'd been killed in an accident during his rather dangerous job. After Sally had processed the foreman's words, she was struck with grief. On top of that, Andrew was the breadwinner of the couple, so Sally had to find a job of her own, otherwise, there would be even more issues to pile up on her grief, salt in the wound. But, she did not have an where the heck was an opportunity for employment that did not require an education? Well, there was one place...the Crotus Prenn Asylum. Only the desperate dared to seek employment there, but Sally could not find anywhere else to go, so, she was hired as a nurse for the night shift.

Unfourtunately for her, this would end up being her undoing.

Sally spent a horrific 2 decades working at the Asylum, as patients physically & verbally tormenting her & seeing traumatic terrors that permanently adhered to her memory became the norm for her work life. This loop of nightmares eventually took a toll on her psyche, causing her to massacre the ward, with over 50 patients & 4 staff strangled to death. The morning staff were petrified at what they saw, with Sally rocking back & forth erratically in a corner. Sally was then put in an ambulance, but that ambulance never came back... 

...And neither did Sally.


  • The Nurse looks similar to the Bubblehead Nurses from the Silent Hill survival horror videogame series.
  • The Nurse represents the innocent with an evil heart of horror genre.
  • The Nurse brang many firsts to Dead by Daylight, the first female Killer, the first Chapter, the first "Average" height Killer, who knows!
  • During her time at the Crotus Prenn Asylum, the Nurse had 2 favorite patients, the "Catatonic Boy", & Mary Jenner, also known as the "Anxious Girl".


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