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The Ocelots are Supporting Antagonist in Minecraft Story Mode Season 1. And Supporting Characters in Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. In Season 1, Ep 1. The Ocelots were Rivals with Jesse's Gang. They Were Making fun of Them but Lukas wasn't. In Ep 5. Aiden, Maya, and Gill Ditch Lukas and Aiden Calls his team the Blaze Rods.


In Season 1, The Ocelots We're Rivals With Jesse's Gang for a While. Lukas was nice to them. But The other Ocelots we're Not Nice to Them. They were Rivals With Them. But in Episode 5, Aiden Takes Over The Ocelots and Renames there Team into the Blaze Rods.

In Season 2, Lukas Reforms The Ocelots to Go Agenst Jesse only Because he Thought that Jesse Turned Evil. But He Go New Members Such as: Stampy, Stacy, Wink (Detriment), Nell, and Other New Teamates. But when Jesse Tells Lukas That Romeo Did all The Evil Acts. The New Ocelots Redeems Theirselfs. 


  • Lukas
  • Aiden (Formerly)
  • Gill (Formerly)
  • Maya (Formerly)


The Ocelots



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