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The Octopus

What's the Octopus doing? Scratch! Scratch! Scratch!
~ The Octopus trying to burn Miette and One alive.

The Octopus are secondary antagonists in the 1995 French-German-Spanish Steampunk science fantasy drama film The City of Lost Children.

They are portrayed by twin sisters Geneviève Brunet and Odile Mallet.

The Octopus are two conjoined twins who are united by one foot. They are the owners of an orphanage where they use the children as thieves, with Miette being one of the children under their care. The Octopus hires One after he accidentally crashes into the classroom while the Octopus is explaining their next plan of stealing a large safe to the kids, and seeing he has the enough strength to lift the safe. The theft is successful but the safe is lost in the harbor when One is distracted by seeing the kidnappers of his little brother Denree.

After this, The Octopus orders circus performer Marcello (and former boss at the Circus's Freak Show) to return One to them. Marcello finds Miette and One about to be thrown into the harbour while tied up in ropes by a biomechanical cult employed by the movie's main antagonist, Krank.

Marcello uses an hypnotic poison to cause a murderous trance, triggered by a barrel organ, to save One, but allows Miette to fall in the harbor.

Miette is rescued by The Diver, and later finds One and Marcello both drowning their sorrows in a bar. Upon seeing Miette alive, the remorseful Marcello lets One leave with her, but The Octopus steals both the poison and the barrel organ from Marcello, in order to turn One against Miette and kill her. This is interrupted by an oil ship crashing into the harbor, but One and Miette are thrown into the ocean.

The ship stops right before crushing the Octopus, and the pair laugh, before looking for Miette and One in the water below. As they laugh at the two, Marcellos flea makes its way back to Marcello, warning him what is about to happen. 

Meanwhile, the Octupus leak oil from the ship into the sea, intending to use it to burn Miette and One alive. As they are laughing, Marcellos dog is shown sitting right behind them. The next moment, the two feel a sudden bite, which they immediatly recognice as being caused the flea used by Marcello to deliver his poison.

Moments after, Marcello begins playing the barrel organ triggering the poison, causing the twins to start fighting one another. This ultimately leads to them both falling into the sea, while One and Miette are rescued by Marcello.

Marcello then throws his cigarette into the oil covered water, burning the Octopus to death. The only remains shown of the two is their boot, floating in the water.

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