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Kazan Yamaoka, better known as The Oni, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. He is the vengeful spirit of a samurai warrior and the ancestor of Rin Yamaoka.


Kazan was a Samurai who sought to outshine his father by ending what he called "fake samurai" (farmers and other peasants who would pose as samurai), ignoring both his father and the samurai code he had been taught. He began going from village to village, murdering anyone who he deemed a fake samurai, killing them brutally. Monks believed he was possessed by a dark force, while the lord of one town cursed Kazan by calling him Oni-Yamaoka. An enraged Kazan made for the lord's town, on the way butchering anyone who would dare call him Oni-Yamaoka. On his way, he encountered a samurai warrior standing in his path that had been sent by the lord. Kazan proceeded to brutally kill the samurai only to remove his mask and see his father. Now furious at this and the fact he allowed his father's armor to be stolen, Kazan arrived at the lord's town, killed his samurai, and brutally murdered him. However, as Kazan exited the Lord's home, he was ambushed by the angered townspeople, who proceeded to lynch Kazan and dragged his body to a nearby stone mill. When they returned later, the mill was filled with a strange black mist and Kazan's body was nowhere to be found.


Kazan has a muscular build with dark gray skin. He wears traditional Samurai armor with a Japanese Oni mask with pale white hair. When enraged, his eyes and certain parts of his armor glow red.


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