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The Oracle.

The Oracle is the main antagonist of video game Fahrenheit.

He is voiced by Paul Bandey.


He is first seen imitating the actions of Lucas Kane in the middle of the candles as he murders John Winston in a restaurant. Later, he appears in his mind, revealing of how he met him and possesses him into doing the murder in the restaurant.

Later, Lucas has discovered that the Oracle used him as part of a Mayan sacrifice because he mustn't commit murder. Also, after accomplishing the ritual, the subject went mad and commit suicide. What else is that the Oracle murders people to find the Indigo Child.

He meets him in person in a dreamworld. The Oracle discovers he possesses the Chroma, explaining of how he survived his various vision attacks towards him. He plans on killing him due to the fact that if he gets a vision of the future, then Lucas has the same vision. He tries to kill him by sending a jaguar chase him, but failed, thanks to Agatha.

The Oracle performs a ritual to complete a Mayan sacrifice.

The Oracle talks to the high members of the Orange Clan, whom he is taking orders to. He reveals that he possesses the Chroma and another clan is trying to get him. Next, he kidnaps Lucas' ex-girlfriend Tiffany Harper to lure him out. He successfully killed them and report it to his masters. However, Lucas was mysteriously resuscitated.

The Oracle dies falling into the Chroma source.

Next, the Oracle attempts to get Jade, the Indigo Child, for his masters, but Lucas intervene and escapes with her. Later, he confronts him again in the Wishita military base where he is killed when falling into the Chroma source.