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The Orb is ?

Drake Shannon

His Real Face

Drake Shannon was the former partner of Crash Simpson who was horribly maimed after a motorcycle accident. Then he tried to claim ownership for the motorcycle show he believes he should have the rights to, but was defeated by the efforts of both Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

He became a professional criminal, principally fighting the Ghost Rider for revenge, attacking the Delazny Studios, or even inflicting Rozanne Simpson with amnesia. When he battled Hawkeye, who pursued him into the Mojave Desert. They battled, but both found a large metal dome, being the base of Plantman, Plantman tried to kill them, but Hawkeye forced Smithers to escape. While in the desert, Orb and Hawkeye encountered a group of Plantman simulacra that had replaced the Orb's gang. Believing they were the originals, he ordered them to kill Hawkeye, but they instead opened fire on him, apparently killing him.

Really, he survived and time later was seen in the Bar With No Name playing pool with Taskmaster and one of Red Ghost's Super-Apes.

Zadkiel agent

Orb II.jpg

Orb was born with a head in the form of a giant eye. Due to this deformity, he was abandoned at an early age and raised in a freak show.

Some time later, he became a mercenary, and served the angel Zadkiel, along with Death Ninja, Doghead, and Blackout.

During an attack on the Caretaker, a former advisor to Ketch, Orb accidentally damaged his eye when he triggered a trap inside Caretaker's home, launching a wooden plank into himself. Orb was taken to Nashville Prison Hospital, where he survived and had treatment for his trauma.

He escaped prison thanks to Deacon and Blackout, who wanted him to serve Zadkiel's "task force" of Ghost Rider foes, along with them and the new Vengeance. Alongside Vengeance, he attacked the gateway to Heaven, but faced the Gun Nuns, and was knocked out by Daniel Ketch's Ghost Rider.

Orb later returned his life of crime and formed a group of robbers, called the Orblings. While trying to rob a bank searching for jewels, was defeated by Spider-Man and Wolverine.

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