The group referred only as "The Organization" is the villainous organization from Night Striker.

The Organization is a terrorist group whose activities are centered around Asian countries. They have been developing special weapons on their secret factory and are equipped with many modern war machines, including helicopters, mechas, gun batteries and armored cars. While there aren't many details on their leaders, it is known their boss was a former politician who lost his position 10 years before. However, the one truly calling all the shots was his adjutant, who manipulated the boss for his own mysterious ends.

In 2049, members of the Organization kidnap Dr. Lindvery Maska, a world-renowned scientist and lead authority on laser technology, along with his daughter. Intelligence confirms this event is related to the raise on terrorist activity in Asian countries.

In order to gather more information, the United Nation's Special Service Agency sends their agents to investigate the Organization, but none of them return.

Given the urgency of the situation, the head of the Agency calls upon the Night Striker, a special task force of the United Nations comprised of elite soldiers skilled in difficult missions and who control the Inter Gray armored motorcars. They are given the mission of rescuing Dr. Maska and his daughter and to destroy the Organization.