Austin "Baghead" Bradley also know as The Other and Baggy or The Damned in a alternative universe is the secondary antagonist of The Angel's Game slenderverse series and returns as a vessel for The Creature in APCollection. He is The Creature's disciple and leader of the zombies.


Austin was a friend of Josh Rallus, who began experiencing memory problems, around the time Josh began finding strange pouches around his house. A video was uploaded to Josh's youtube account by an unknown individual, which showed Josh approaching Austin's door and knocking on it. Josh himself later uploaded the rest of the footage from that day, which was the first time Josh had been over at his friend's house. Austin later started his own youtube account, he began to hear voices in his head getting louder and louder, he later received a message telling him to go to the trees. He followed the address and found a church and later discovered another message telling him that he needs to fight or it will consume him. After a discussion with Josh, he headed out to the woods, he found a leather bag and went missing and was found leaning against a wall at his school, wiith no memory of what had happened, he discovered the third note inside the bag, telling him to play The Angel's Game, several buttons and a yarn doll. He started to act strange after this incident and later, The Creature himself appeared to Austin and almost killed him. The Creature later tried to kill Josh, Alana and Nathan several times, but failed. Austin, now called Baghead and fully corrupted by The Creature, broke into Josh's house and uploaded a video. Josh and the rest visited a now abandoned Nathan's house, they went to the woods after escaping from The Creature and found Nathan's dead body, The Dweller later saved them from The Creature, however, this action cost Josh's sanity. The Other broke into Josh's house again and this time almost killed him but failed, he then got into a fight with The Dweller himself and loses. He later killed Alana, causing Josh to kill himself and becoming a new entity called Emet Rotter. Emet challenged The Other to a fight, The Creature saved The Other from Emet Rotter. In the climax episode, The Creature, The Other, Emet Rotter and several undead people all arrived at Stephen's house at once. Emet got into a last battle with The Other, Emet removed the bag in Austin's head and The Other removed the gas mask in Josh's head. Now free from The Creature, he sacrificed himself by knocking The Creature into the lake, killing both The Creature and Austin himself.

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