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Something besides Afton had been controlling his trash rabbit. And whatever it was, it was worse.
~ The line announcing the Other Evil's existence, as well as the last words of Epilogue 7.

The Other Evil is the fan-given nickname for the unseen overarching antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

It serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of The Man in Room 1280, Epilogue 6 and Epilogue 7.

It's a completely unknown entity with unknown goals, but it's stated to be even worse than the infamous William Afton.



At an unknown point of time, the Other Evil became allies with William Afton, a serial child murderer.

Epilogue 6

Although not seen, the Other Evil is the main reason why Afton's Amalgamation was created, and it was controlling it alongside Afton.

Epilogue 7

The Other Evil is mentioned for the first time in the closing lines of the epilogue, as Jake realises why Afton was so powerful, despite barely hanging onto reality.

Speculation about the Other Evil's Identity

  • Some fans speculated that the Other Evil is the Spring Bonnie from the first story in the entire series, given that it's speculated to be connected to the overarching storyline and has a clear connection to William Afton. Ever since Epilogue 8 was released, Detective Everette Larson is investigating a ball pit, which might mean this theory is true, or the two are at least heavily connected.
  • Other fans speculate that the Other Evil is an incarnate of agony itself, given that it's a major plot point in the series and that the Amalgamation says "I am agony." at one point.
  • Some other fans think that it's actually the ever-mysterious Shadow Freddy, due to him being often speculated to be an incarnation of William's evil, and that the only thing more evil than William would be nothin but his evil.
  • Others think that it's Eleanor, who has returned in the same epilogue that the Other Evil was introduced in, given that it escaped moments before the Amalgamation was destroyed by The Puppet. However, the Other Evil was already there before Eleanor merged into it, making the theory unlikely.
    • However, Afton looked at Eleanor pleadingly when she escaped, making it possible that Eleanor absorbed the Other Evil. However, the truth remains unknown.
  • Others believe that it's someone entirely new that hasn't been seen before.


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