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The Other Side of The Creek, also known as The Other Side, is the main antagonistic faction of the Cartoon Network orignal series Craig of the Creek.

They served as the overarching antagonists In Season 2, and the main antagonistic faction in Season 3 as well the episode finale.

The Other Side was created and founded by Xavier's older brother, Kenneth, ruled the Other Side as its first king. The Other Side was created after the Overpass was constructed and Kenneth was cut off from his friends at the Creek, then Xavier's older sister, Cheyenne, ruled the Other Side before abdicating the throne as she entered high school, and later, The Former Ruler was King Xavier.



Before the events of the series, The Other Side was formed by Kenneth when he was in the same friend group as the Elders. He cosplayed and watched anime with them with Ken’s favorite being Haru: King of the Forest. Then he got separated from them when the overpass was constructed, splitting the Creek into two. He then unintentionally became the first king when kids from his side started playing with him and loved his costume so much that they started cosplaying from Haru as well. Ken then started giving away candy to his new friends and they started calling him King Kenneth. When he got older, Ken gave Cheyenne his mantle of King and she adjusted the way the game was played with the same thing happening to Xavier.

Craig of The Creek

In "Capture the Flag Part 1": Once the Creek Council enters the Overpass they find The Green Poncho blocking King Xavier, Maya and his Royal Knights from entering the other side. Once the King notices the Creek Council he introduces himself and explains that he got info that the Creek ran out of snacks so he provided a truck load of snacks for the other side to have, but he can't give the snacks because The Green Poncho is preventing them from entering. Eliza commands the Green Poncho to move out of the way so they can get some food. However Craig refuses to let the King enter their side because he believes the King is evil and is using snacks to gain their trust. Eliza disagrees saying that she's also evil and everyone's hungry, and she tells Craig that he's always being nice and likes giving people second chances. Craig notices that, but he still warns everyone that trusting the King would be a problem. Eliza however, tells him that Craig didn't provide any candy for everyone, and soon the creek Council starts arguing as the King Watches.

Paintball Mike then stops the argument and explains that a vote should determine whether the King should Enter, or Leave. Before the vote starts Craig warns the council one more time about trusting the King. So Kelsey arranges the vote, Thumbs Up to Let the King Enter, and Thumbs Down to let the King Leave. Once Craig calculates the votes, it became a tie by 4-4. Thus concluding that the King can't enter the Creek, but in a shocking twist Bobby made the final vote and chose to let the King enter. Craig was shocked that Bobby would choose to let the King in the creek with Bobby explaining that he lost faith that Craig would be able to solve all of their problems. By a 5-4 Vote, the King can enter the Creek. King Xavier was very pleased that he can enter the creek and informed the council that they would be “good friends”. As the Green Poncho was shocked the Creek would chose to trust the King, he left the Overpass in disappointment. And so the King and his side of the Creek entered the Creek. As the Stump Kids watched the King and his Royal Guard making their way to the creek, Craig says that “The Creek is Doomed.”

In "Capture the Flag Part 2": As the kids of the creek are famished from the lack of candy, King Xavier and his champions float down the creek throwing out candy. Xavier arrives at Kit's Trading Tree and is introduced by Maya. Xavier claims that he heard that kids on this side of the creek aren't able to get candy and snacks and need to trade when they do want them, which he claims isn't the case for his side. Xavier promises to give the kids all the candy they could eat.

While taking questions, Craig comes forward and asks why should the kids trust Xavier given that Xavier dumped him and his friends in his maze, stole his map, and started a deadly snowball fight? Xavier manages to deflect the allegations by pointing out that Craig came over to his side of the creek first to win presents in Xavier's birthday tournament that he wasn't invited to, points out that Craig still has his map, and asks Craig if he doesn't think snowball fights are fun? Xavier gives the creek kids a bouncy castle to play in as a present in exchange for them writing down their emergency contact information.

Over the summer, Xavier starts exerting more control over the creek and its citizens. Craig finds out that Xavier bought the Waterfall from the Ninja Kids in exchange for discontinued squishers. Xavier then takes the Horse girls’ meadow for use as an archery range for any recruits for his army. When the Ice Pop Trio have a friendly competition over whether Craig can draw something faster than Sparkle Cadet can make a bubble of whatever thing Cannonball says aloud, a bubble gets into Xavier's eye causing it to sting. Maya retaliates by grabbing Sparkle Cadet's wand and spilling the bubble soap inside of it.

At the playground, Toman challenges King Xavier to a game of H-O-R-S-E and Xavier is genuinely happy by the offer. Toman effortlessly makes a behind the back shot which makes Xavier scared and he badly misses the shot. The other kids laugh at Xavier's missed shot and Toman rubbing salt in the wound makes Xavier angry and he bans H-O-R-S-E from the Creek. Toman says he can't do that and Xavier says he can do that if the other kids want to have candy since he's now the only source of candy and snacks at the Creek with Kit gone.

Craig has had enough and says candy isn't worth Xavier bossing them around and throws his candy at Xavier's feet. The Squashinator comes out and Kelsey defends Craig. But Maya takes over and easily defeats Kelsey. Xavier knew Craig would oppose him so he had a contingency plan, calling Craig's Mom. Craig is shocked and doesn't understand how Xavier got her number? Xavier says he got it from Craig's little friend and both Kelsey and JP deny it was them. Bobby comes forward while wearing a flower uniform and reveals he gave Xavier Craig's Mom's phone number thinking he was just keeping Craig safe by listing his emergency contact.

Xavier then calls Craig's mom while faking crying and lies to her that Craig pushed him in order to get Craig into trouble. Craig can't believe Xavier did that and Xavier warns him he could have done worse and reveals he was responsible for Kit getting the terrible report card. Craig's Mom then calls Craig and demands that he come home and Craig dejectedly complies. J.P. asks Craig where he's going and Craig says he's going home and thinks that he just got grounded. In "Capture the Flag Part 3": The Creek now has warning posters telling kids not to play with Craig. King Xavier tries out a bike on the 10 Speeds' ramps but he wipes out. Xavier gets embarrassed and angry and thinks the others are laughing at him. Cannonball disputes that and even offers to teach Xavier how to ride the ramp. But Xavier doesn't want to hear it and he tells Aggie to destroy the ramps which leaves the 10 Speeds in tears. Xavier tells Maya to stay behind and help destroy the remaining ramps. While going to the Sewers to get rid of the Sewer Queen, Kelsey appears in disguise and acts likes a beggar that needs candy. She along with Raj and Shawn of the Honeysuckle Rangers (calling themselves the Sugar Swipers) throw smoke bombs so JP can get the candy. As they're about to run off, Maya stops Kelsey, but the Honeysuckles throws smoke bombs and run off with Xavier's candy and distribute it to the Creek Kids. Xavier admonishes Maya for not being by his side when he needed her despite the fact that he ordered her to help destroy the ramps.

The four go to Craig's house to see if Craig's okay. Craig's mom opens the door to tell them he's not grounded, but he was pretty worked up about what Xavier did and she told Craig he shouldn't go back to the Creek until he's level headed again. Craig goes over the candy raids with the other four, but the raids are proving to be ineffective because Xavier never seems to run out of candy to give away. Craig wishes that there was some way to get Xavier in trouble with his parents and Raj throws out that he knows where Xavier lives since he had to deliver Xavier his homework when he was sick from school one day. Xavier threatened to ban Raj from getting any candy if he came back or told anyone else where he lived.

Craig and the group go to Xavier's house to see if they can get Xavier in trouble only to spot a group of teenagers on the front steps consisting of Cheyenne, Michelle (the original green poncho), Randy, and others. Craig realizes that Cheyenne has to be Xavier's older sister and the former King of the other side of the creek. The group kneels to Cheyenne who gets embarrassed and pulls the group over to the side of the house to explain that her Creek time is passed. Kenneth then shows up and Cheyenne lets him handle the group. Kenneth then tells them he was the original King of the other side of the Creek and that Xavier is his baby brother.

Kenneth then proceeds to tell the group of his time at the Creek. He was in the same friend group as the Elders and cosplayed and watched anime with them with Kenneth's favorite being Haru: King of the Forest. Then he got separated from them when the overpass was constructed, splitting the Creek into two. Kenneth then explains that he unintentionally became the first king when kids from his side started playing with him and loved his costume so much that they started cosplaying from Haru as well. Kenneth then started giving away candy to his new friends and they started calling him King Kenneth. When he got older, Kenneth gave Cheyenne his mantle of King and she adjusted the way the game was played with the same thing happening to Xavier.

JP asks how can Kenneth be so different than Xavier and Kenneth explains that while their parents were strict with him, they spoiled Xavier and they wouldn't do much when it came to punishing him. Craig asks if Kenneth can help them and Kenneth turns them down saying that even if he did tell Xavier to behave himself, he knows that he would just revert to his previous self when he got back to the Creek. Kenneth leaves for a study group and tells them that even though the crown and title of King was given to him by his friends, Xavier only has friends because he's king.

Back at Craig's house, the group bemoans their situation and Kelsey says the creek will soon be as deserted as it was after the great Capture the Flag War from years ago. Getting inspired, Craig sneaks his friends back to their stump at the creek. Craig decides the only way they're going to stop Xavier is to challenge him to Capture the Flag for control of the Creek.

In Capture the Flag Part 4": King Xavier holds a sleep over for his “buddies” that make up his royal guard along with his newest buddy Jason. Xavier points out how big Xavier's backpack is and tries to joke if Jason wants to move in? Maya shows up and apologizes for being late, but Xavier doesn't want to hear excuses.

In Xavier's basement, the buddies hang out and play Power Punchers. Maya asks if Xavier has more squishers and Xavier tells her that he doesn't because she wasn't by his side and didn't stop the raid that happened since she was destroying the ramps. Maya points out that she was only destroying the ramps because Xavier told her to and tells him she can't be everywhere at once. Xavier tells her that he doesn't want her to be everywhere, just by his side and warns her that her position as his BFF is on the line if she disappoints him again. Maya meekly apologizes and Xavier takes over Jason’s controller when he was about to win his Power Punchers match to win in his place.

Xavier then decides they should play Truth or Dare and asks what to they like the best about him and someone says Xavier is the biggest jerk he ever knew. Xavier demands to know who said that and it turns out it was Craig hiding in Jason’s bag. The buddies try to surround Craig, but Craig has the remote for the basement TV and its connected Home theater and surround sound system and threatens to turn the volume up so that it's loud enough to wake up Xavier's parents (and possibly the block). Xavier agrees to listen to what Craig wants and Craig challenges him to a game of Capture the Flag for control of the Creek and promises to leave the creek forever if Xavier wins. Xavier likes the idea of no more Craig at the Creek and accepts the challenge. Craig then manages to slip out through the basement window after establishing that the game will happen Saturday at Noon. On the day of the battle, the creek kids are gathered near the Overpass tunnel. Beth the Timekeeper explains that they're using freeze tag rules in that the moment a kid gets tagged while on the opposing side's territory, they're stuck in place for the remainder of the game. The episode ends as Beth is about to blow her sousaphone to start the game. In "Capture the Flag Part 5": After Beth the Timekeeper blows her sousaphone the game starts and it begins with Paintball Benny leading a group through the tunnel and being surrounded by Acorn knights. Due to the rules, anyone tagged on the opposing team’s side of the creek is frozen for the duration of the game, so Benny’s group gets tagged and frozen as Benny radioes on the Walkie talkie for help. Mike goes to save his brother over Craig’s protests and Kelsey complains that the two of them don’t know how to listen. Mike and Benny are both tagged so Craig is forced to begin Phase 2 with the Junk Lord driving Toman out. Toman tells the Acorn Knights the ground is lava which makes them run away, but Toman is neutralized when the Cherry Blossom’s newest recruit, Paloma, manages to jinx him. Once all forward groups were frozen, stink bombs made by Wren were thrown over The Overpass making cover and taking out almost all the Acorn Knights Xavier sent out and clearing the way for the main offensive groups to proceed.

When they’re out of harm’s way, Craig goes over the plan with everyone present. Xavier’s flag is in either Wisteria Fort, The Maze, or Xavier’s Keep. They will be split into 3 teams with The Green Poncho, Sparkle Cadet, and Bobby going through the sewers to get to Wisteria Fort. The group going to the Maze will be Kelsey, Maney, and the 10 Speeds, and Craig will be going to Xavier’s Keep. Craig summons Wildernessa with the whistle she gave him and they head off to Xavier’s Keep while the others head to their destinations. Right after leaving, Kelsey gets scared when she senses Maya run past her, but she tries to dismiss it as nothing.

Back on the other side of the Creek, J.P. is keeping their flag on top of a cardboard structure made by Carter in the middle of the poison ivy grove. J.P. assures the little kids that are with him the flag won’t be taken.

Omar, Bobby, and Sparkle Cadet make it to Fort Wisteria where they get pinned down by Jackie “The Arm” throwing water balloons at them. At the Maze; Kelsey, Maney, and the 10 Speeders split up to cover more ground. Handlebarb has her bike quickly dismantled by Keun Sup “The Blur” before she’s tagged and frozen with The Blur tagging Warp Speed as well. Kelsey, Maney, and Cannonball go to where they heard the screaming and spot Handlebarb’s frozen body. The Blur tags Maney causing her to freeze as well before the Blur finally reveals himself before Kelsey and Cannonball.

While riding with Wildernessa, Craig bemoans the fact that this entire battle could have been avoided if the Council listened to him about Xavier and starts to think that maybe the Creek does need a leader. Wildernessa wonders if Craig is trying to convince her, or himself. Suddenly, Aggie “the Squashinator” appears in front of Xavier’s Keep. After Aggie makes fun of Craig and Wildernessa, Wildernessa retorts that if she thinks that Craig will back down from a bully, then she doesn’t know a thing about Craig and attacks with Cheesesticks.

Back at the Poison Ivy Patch, J.P. spots Maya and warns the Sewer Queen who was guarding nearby. Unfortunately, Maya manages to subdue her with her pool skimmer. At Fort Wisteria, Sparkle Cadet makes a bubble barrier to hide from Jackie, but Jackie retaliates by launching a barrage of water balloons. Bobby then asks Sparkle Cadet how big of a bubble she can make. At The Maze, Keun Sup taunts Kelsey and Cannonball with his speed, but Cannonball says the Blur isn't as fast as he is. Wildernessa has Cheese Sticks use an Alpha Howl to knock back Aggie. But Aggie retaliates by singing an Operatic Soprano so loud that it hurts Cheese Sticks' ears which causes him to buck Craig and Wildernessa off his back and run away whimpering. While Wildernessa tries to retrieve Cheese Sticks, Craig is defenseless against Aggie who is about to tag him. Wildernessa spots this and rushes back and gets tagged by Aggie in Craig's place. When Craig asks her why she'd do that, Wildernessa tries to say it's because she likes him, but she can't finish the sentence before being frozen.

When Aggie is about to tag Craig, an explosion happens nearby and it turns out to be the return of Deltron! His rapping manages to distract Aggie who dances along while Craig gets away and into Xavier's Keep. At Fort Wisteria, Sparkle Cadet puts Bobby in a giant bubble so that he can float above Jackie and on top of the Fort. Eating his candy gives Bobby a supernatural energy boost and he blasts Jackie (he's actually just throwing his candy at him). In The Maze, Cannonball says he'll show Keun Sup what fast really is and they ride into another dimension called Cannon space (Cannonball likely just sped away on his bike while Keun Sup followed him). Deltron's rap ends while Craig makes inside Xavier's Keep.

At the Poison Ivy patch, Maya defeats the Ninja Kids and J.P. is worried she'll get the flag. Carter assures J.P. that his cardboard fortress has a few surprises. Carter steps on a switch and reveals that he made cannons that fire packing peanuts. Maya manages to dodge the peanuts and J.P. tries to reassure the little kids they'll be fine, but gets worried when he can't find Lil' Chris. Chris gets fired out of the cannon and Maya knocks him back with his sense knocked back into him. Carter decides to use his final measure and reveals the cardboard fortress is actually another giant robot. Instead of fighting Maya, they decide to run away from her. J.P. makes fun of Maya saying that she's going to lose her BFF title, Xavier, and she'll be all alone. This infuriates Maya and she jumps on the trampoline and crashes through Carter's robot like a human missile and destroys it while getting the flag.

Omar's group and Kelsey communicate through their walkie talkies and report that neither of them found the flag, which means it must be in Xavier's Keep. J.P. reports that Maya got the flag and someone needs to stop her before she crosses the overpass. Omar tells Kelsey she's the closer to the Overpass than he is and she needs to get their to stop Maya from winning the game. Kelsey is scared since she never defeated Maya before, but Omar snaps her out of it since not going down without a fight is what heroes are made of.

At Xavier's Keep, Xavier is playing a keyboard and welcomes Craig and asks him if he wants any snacks or candy? Craig wants to know where the flag is and Xavier says he doesn't have it and that Maya will soon be back with Craig's flag. The wind then blows and Craig notices something rustling in between Xavier's jacket and realizes that Xavier had sewn his flag into the back of his jacket. Craig tries to rush for the jacket, but Xavier turns around and reminds him that all he has to do is to touch Craig to freeze him.

Maya rushes back to The Overpass with the flag when Kelsey blocks her path and claims she's going to try to stop her. Maya tells Kelsey she has no idea what she had to do to get the flag, her cape, and she had to even betray her only friend. Kelsey says she's still going to try and rushes at Maya. The fight interjects with Xavier trying to tag Craig and gloats that he outsmarted Craig and Craig will now lose his precious creek to him. Craig is cornered at the edge of Xavier's keep and Xavier says this all happened because Craig thought he knew better than a king. Craig tells Xavier he doesn't know anything about being a king because he's not on Cheyenne and Kenneth's level (which confuses Xavier about how he knows the names of his older siblings?). Craig bluntly then tells Xavier that he's a bully who gives out candy to make kids do what he wants. Because deep down he knows that the kids only want to be friends with the king, not Xavier himself. This hits a nerve with Xavier and he tries to punch Craig, but Craig dodges and Xavier nearly falls off the edge of the Keep before Craig pulls him back up and pulls off his jacket.

Kelsey is badly struggling against Maya, but she refuses to give up. Omar manages to make it back to support Kelsey which surprises Maya. Omar says he got a ride from a friend who turns out to be the original Green Poncho. Omar tells Maya they don't have to fight which Maya replies that it's because Omar doesn't have anything left to lose. Back at the Keep, Xavier tries to reason with Craig in that they both love the Creek and that he became King to lead over the kids so that they'd know what's best for them and that this entire battle could have been avoided with the right leader. Craig asks if Xavier is telling him he should be king which Xavier quickly shoots down saying he could never handle it along with the burden it carries. It's then revealed Xavier was just stalling for time so that Aggie could get up to the Keep and tag Craig. Aggie tries to tag Craig, but she's blocked by Sparkle Cadet's bubbles and she covers Craig as he escapes.

Craig manages to escape the Keep, but he's surrounded by Acorn Knights. Fortunately Cannonball arrives and gives Craig a ride to The Overpass. However, Xavier manages to cut them off and Cannonball crashes. Craig makes a dash for the Overpass while Xavier sprints after him. At The Overpass, the Green Ponchos combine their bows into one giant bow and fire Kelsey at Maya like a human arrow. Maya gets knocked down and Kelsey demands she hand over the flag. Maya refuses because she'd lose everything such as her status as BFF. Maya then starts to cry as she wonders if she would just be someone that betrayed her best friend for nothing if she wasn't the BFF? Omar comforts her telling her that they can't make up the summers they lost, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the time they have in the future. Suddenly, Craig and Xavier make it to the overpass and Xavier grabs the jacket. While tugging on the jacket, Craig tries to rip the flag off of it. Xavier tries to tackle Craig to freeze him before he gets the flag off, but Xavier ended up tackling him onto Craig's side of The Creek right as Craig ripped the flag off the jacket, thereby winning the game.

Beth blows her sousaphone announcing Craig's victory to The Overpass and everyone is unfrozen. Omar runs to Maya, but she disappears and leaves her cape behind. While on top of the overpass, Xavier's Acorn Knights bow to Craig, ready to accept him as the new king. Craig rejects the idea of having a King and that the creek should allow all kids to play how they want, not just one person telling them how to play. He tears up the flag and frees the kids of the other side so they can play how they want.

Some time has passed and Kelsey wonders what they should do now? Craig says that now that the King is gone, they have another side of the creek to explore.