The Outlaw (Starhawk), also known as Logan Graves is the main antagonists in the video game Starhawk.



Logan Graves and his brother Emmett Graves once bought a rift mine, only for them to be overrun by Scabs and Logan was consumed by the rift energy.

Years later the Outlaw went to sent his Scab army to fight against the rifters, only for most of them to be destroyed by his brother. The Outlaw also often spoke to Emmett, telling him to join the Scabs. The Outlaw was shown turning anyone he could into a Scab, only for Emmett to fight back against them and that lead both the Outlaw and Emmett fought each other, only for Logan to finally rest and a giant rift monster jumped out. Emmett asked for some assistance to take down this rift monster and so he did only finally destroy that monster and made a rift well where his brother now rested.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The Outlaw is both a skin to Emmett Graves and a DLC minion.


  • The Outlaw shares some similerities to Sheut from Ever Oasis.


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