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The Pacinator is a major antagonist of the series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He first appeared in the episode "Stand By Your Pac-Man" where it was revealed that he was the one responsible for the extinction of the "Yellow Ones".


The Pacinator is a bounty hunter that first started after freezing his own mother with a freeze ray he made out of a frozen yogurt machine. He also says to Lord Betrayus that someone even more evil and stronger has requested the extinction of the "Yellow Ones".

The Pacinator was sent by Lord Betrayus to eliminate Pac Man. The Pacinator then sets up a trap and manages to capture Pac Man (and Spiral who tried to save his friend). He then takes them both to his secret lair in Frozen Mom's Yogurt shop where he has then both locked up (and still frozen).

The Pacinator eventually confronted Cylindria and Pinky who attempted to freeze and capture them. Eventually, Pac Man was freed from his frozen cell and used his fire powers to overpower The Pacinator.

However, The Pacinator ends up escaping into a pool of frozen yogurt and suddenly disappears.  

Powers and Abilities

The Pacinator mainly carries around a freeze ray that can actually freeze anyone that makes contact.


  • The Pacinator is an obvious parody of "The Terminator" as they both wear shades and have similar voices.


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