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I beg to differ.
~ Hyena
Right and Alligators live in the sewers.
~ Jackal
I'm a partner in a Freakshow.
~ Dingo.
Hit the road sparky, I'm in charge here.
~ Wolf
No, I'm staying here.
~ Fox

The Pack were some of the most notable human antagonists in the Gargoyles animated series, alongside their benefactor and founder, David Xanatos of Xanatos Enterprises, up until the creation of the Quarrymen. Throughout the show's second season most of The Pack's individual members become recurring foes, often reviled by the Manhattan Clan and hated by Lexington, who originally idolized them as fellow warriors prior to them exposing themselves for the criminals they were.

They're all voiced by Clancy Brown who also voiced Hakon in the same show, Jim Cummings who also voiced Gillecomgain and Matrix in the same show and also voiced Pete, Cree Summer who also voiced Valerie Gray in Danny Phantom, Matt Frewer who also voiced Panic in Disney's Hercules and Laura San Giacomo.


Laura San Giacomo as Fox

Clancy Brown as Wolf

Jim Cummings as Dingo

Cree Summer as Hyena

Matt Frewer as Jackal

Jonathan Frakes as the Coyote robots, same as David Xanatos.

Strengths and Abilities

As a team The Pack proved difficult to beat do to their well coordinated attacks and tactical ambushes. On three separate occasions (during Thrill of the Hunt, Leader of the Pack, Upgrade) the Pack successfully lured the Manhattan clan into a trap, and during the later three they had even succeeded in capturing three of their members. First time around, The Pack took advantage of their knowledge of terrain, setting up traps and using falling debris to knock out the hardy Goliath and the evasive Lexington. Second and third time around, The Pack brought down the clan do to Coyote's help, first time do to his leadership and arsenal, and third time thanks to the augmentations they each received. As such, their weakness lied in the fact that they were less formidable while separated. Goliath and Lexington defeated the entire Pack, ironically, the same they had been attacked, by luring the Pack into a trap and then picking away at them. During the episode Upgrade, the Manhattan Clan yet again took advantage of dividing the Pack, especially against Jackal and Wolf, both having been defeated do to their arrogance. Jackal ignored Wolf's help in taking down Brooklyn, thus he was easily knocked out by the later.

Wolf, who mostly just lunged at his enemies, could not defeat the likes of Goliath or Hudson without someone's help. Wolf needed assistance from Hyena and Jackal during his first fight with the Manhattan clan leader, and he needed Coyote 3.0 to restrain him during their fight in Egypt. And Wolf had only beaten Hudson after being genetically engineered into a werewolf, thus matching strength with the elderly warrior.

Hyena and Jackal relied mostly on their acrobatics and martial arts, coupled with their erratic behavior, often confusing their targets before delivering a finishing blow. Jackal could be easily knocked out by any gargoyle after he got ahead of himself and paid no attention to his surroundings, with Brooklyn punching him unconscious after getting his claws stuck into a wall, while Zafiro and Jade of the Guatemala clan jumped and punched him simultaneously. Similarly, Hyena was brought down twice by the combined efforts of Lexington and Broadway, with Lexington outmaneuvering her while Broadway delivered attacks with precision.

Dingo was one of the more careful members of The Pack, opting to fight the gargoyles at mid-range through the use of weapons such as boomerangs, guns, nets and even grenades. Because of this, he was always the least injured member of his team on every occasion. He only began fighting them head-on after acquiring his cybernetic battle armor.


The Pack's members were from across the globe: Fox, whose real name Janine Renard implies French heritage, Wolf was a descendant of a viking, this giving him partial Danish or Norwegian heritage, Dingo was a white Australian, while the fraternal twins Hyena and Jackal were English speaking Canadians.

1st line-up

1st Line-Up

2nd line-up

2nd Line-Up with Coyote 1.0

3rd line-up

3rd Line-Up with Coyote 2.0

  • Coyote 2.0
  • Wolf
  • Hyena
  • Jackal
  • Dingo

4th line-up

4th Line-Up with Coyote 3.0

  • Coyote 3.0
  • Wolf
  • Hyena
  • Jackal



  • Aside from Hyena, all other members of The Pack have been affiliated with a supernatural being or have had experiences dealing with the supernatural: Fox is the daughter of Titania, queen of the Third Race(as is fairies in the Gargoyles universe), Wolf worked alongside the ghost of his ancestor, Jackal took possesion of Anubis, Coyote was rebuilt from The Cauldron of Life and captured the trickster Coyote, while Dingo travelled to The Dreamtime.
  • Hyena is the only member of The Pack who is named after a feliform carnivoran mamal, while the others were named after animals belonging to the canidae family.


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