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The Patriots, also known as the La-li-lu-le-lo or Cipher, are a mysterious organization that has had a hand in most of the events in the Metal Gear series, They appear to be the series' true antagonists.


The Creation of the Patriots

After Snake managed to complete his mission involving killing Colonel Volgin, and the Boss, destroying the Shagohod, and acquiring the Philosophers' Legacy, Zero used the money in the Legacy to start an organization to manipulate the world's social and macroeconomic factors. He did this to respect The Boss' last will and testament to make a world a better place.

After Gene's rebellion, the Legacy was stolen and Zero contacted Ocelot and he agreed to join if Big Boss will also join. Agreeing to Ocelot's terms and even recruited Sigint and Para-Medic as well as EVE from the Chinese philosophers. They forcefully shut down all the branches of the philosophers and then Zero, along with five others, became the founding members; Sigint, Para-Medic, Ocelot, EVA and Big Boss. The reason Zero choose these people to join him was because they have been personally and directly influenced by the Boss herself.

The Les Infantes Terribles Project

Zero even made Big Boss a messianic idol for the world to look up to and for a time, Big Boss did not mind being idolized. However, he eventually began to resent the role. This combined with the two men's different interpretations of the Boss's Will cause there to be conflict between Big Boss and Zero, with Zero believing that Big Boss might end up leaving the Patriots. So Zero orchestrated a secretive project designed to clone the Big Boss so that the Patriots and the world will have a Big Boss to look up to.

When Big Boss learnt of the births of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake, Big Boss left the Patriots and started his own Private Military Organization in an attempt to carry out his own interpretation of the Boss's Will. As time went by however, the friendship between Zero and Big Boss began to to fall apart.

EVE also departed form the Patriots but Ocelot stated, just so that he can work undercover for EVE and report to her on the Patriot's activities.

Influencing the World

As the years went by, Para-Medic and Sigint started to become corrupted by their new found power. Para-Medic would loose her moral compass and began using genetic engineering to secretly develop methods to enhance soldiers. She began working for FOXHOUND. Sigint began working in DARPA and also lost his sense of morality and started working on AIs for military application.

Zero kept on amassing massive fortunes as well as data. Zero's words would influence the decision making on a global scale, ranging from banking facilities to dictators and even the Western and Eastern world's political powers. Zero always remained hopeful to the idea that his former best friend Big Boss would return to the Patriots.

The Cold War Between Big Boss and Zero

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Organization's Description

The Organization was originally created by Zero to fulfill the Boss's Will by unifying the world under a World Order maintained by the Patriots. Zero even intended for Big Boss to be idolized as a messianic figure. Solid Snake even described the organization's practices similar to that of an Organized Religion.


Founding Members



  • JD (John Doe)
  • GW (George Washington)
  • TJ (Thomas Jefferson)
  • AL (Abraham Lincoln)
  • TR (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • The Colonel


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