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~ The Peeper's words in Hell.

The Peeper is the titular antagonist of a 1999 audio sketch by Adam Sandler as well as a minor antagonist of the 2000 film Little Nicky. He is a sex addict that is bored with his business life.

He was voiced by Adam Sandler in the sketch, before being portrayed by Jon Lovitz (who also played Emperor Tod Spengo in Mom and Dad Save the World, T.R. Chula in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Mr. Marks in The Producers, Artie Ziff in The Simpsons, Arthur Belt in North, and Quasimodo Wilson in Hotel Transylvania) in Little Nicky.


The Peeper is a slack person who likes to climb up trees and spy on women. He gets heavily aroused, even when putting on nipple clips. He does prank calls to the children who live where the adult women are so that he would get attention.

When noticed, he tries his best to pretend he is an animal. The Peeper is aware that he needs serious help and also aware that his hyper-sexuality is an addiction.


The Peeper

The Peeper decided to climb up a tree near the house of a brunette woman and spied on her. He was aroused by her appearance and got annoyed once her dog and lover were around.

He gets envious at them. Once he moaned, this caught the woman and man's attention. He threatened the horny Peeper to bash his head in with a lead pipe if the Peeper runs away. The Peeper pretends he is a squirrel, which did not work, making him ejaculate, disgusting the man. The LAPD arrived and picked up the Peeper. He got sent to prison.

Little Nicky

Sometime after, the Peeper spied on Mrs. Dunleavy, wherein her son Scotty was at her bedroom. The Peeper called Scotty and told the boy to go downstairs. Mrs. Dunleavy spotted him, which made the Peeper pretend he is a bird. Scotty used his slingshot to knock out the Peeper to the ground and get crushed by a television (as seen in a deleted scene). He is one of many damned souls to reside in Hell.

As a result, he gets hunted down by giant birds and is now bait for the fish of Hell (as seen in both a deleted scene and the Gameboy Color videogame adaptation).


  • The Peeper's favorite song in Little Nicky is "Ladies' Night" by Kool and the Gang, which was sung by Lovitz' character from the 1998 film The Wedding Singer.
  • According to the DVD cast commentary of Little Nicky, Jon Lovitz explained that the Peeper was a married businessman and bored with his job, which gave him the motive on spying on women.
  • Jon Lovitz played a similar pervert in Grown Ups 2, but since this character is sent to Hell, they are different characters.


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