The Penguins are a group of people who are disguised as [[Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham}|Penguin]]. To murder Theo Galavan, Penguin sends members of his gang to Galavan's victory celebration party. These gang members are all disguised as Penguin, to make it difficult or near impossible to see which one is the real Penguin.


Because they expect that Penguin will start an attack on Galavan, the GCPD sends officers to protect Galavan during his victory celebration party. While the party is going on, GCPD officer Martinez spots a large crowd of people coming closer, with a man who seems to be Penguin as their leader. Martinez asks if he shall shoot Penguin but Gordon orders him to hold his fire. The man is nonetheless shot by Tabitha Galavan, who is located on a different part of the roof. Tabitha believes that she has killed Penguin but then all the men throw off their coats to reveal that they are all disguised as Penguin. The gang members enter the mansion through the roof and open fire, killing policemen and party guests alike. The GCPD officers return fire. While the policemen and the Penguins fight, Gordon tries to bring Galavan to safety. He brings Theo to a car but they are stopped by Penguin who plans to kill Theo for murdering his mother. However, Penguin is shot in the shoulder and is forced to flee.

A number of the Penguin doubles were killed during the attack, while the surviving members were arrested by the GCPD.



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The Penguins
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