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The Pilot is from Twisted Metal: Black.


In the corrupt city of Midtown, there was a married couple. They were farmer Billy Ray Stillwell and his high school sweetheart Annie Stillwell. Together, they lived on a farm just outside Midtown and sold corn for a living.

At some point in time, Annie met the pilot of a biplane. They fell in love and decided to get married. Together, they plotted to murder Billy and collect the insurance money.

On a sunny day, Billy was examining the crops grown in a field on his farm. Suddenly, he heard a noise above him. It turned out to be the pilot flying his biplane. Without warning, the plane ejected a cloud of deadly gas onto the field. Billy managed to survive but he was horribly disfigured by the gas.

Billy went to ask Annie for help. He found her kissing the pilot and overheard them talking about collecting the insurance money and getting married. Enraged, Billy grabbed a hoe and used it to kill Annie. While Billy brutally beat his wife to death, the pilot made no effort to save her but rather himself.

Days later, Billy was confined to a mental asylum whereas the pilot managed to disappear. During his time in the asylum, he experienced hallucinations of the the pilot flying his plane.

Eventually, Billy was visited by a man named Calypso. He claimed to run a contest called Twisted Metal and offered Billy a chance to compete. Calypso claimed that if Billy won then he would be offered a prize of whatever he wanted. Seeing this as an opportunity to find the pilot, Billy accepted the offer and was freed from the asylum.

After several battles, Billy managed to win Twisted Metal. He asked Calypso for his prize. He took Billy back to the farm where everything happened. Billy was amazed to see the pilot, who he was trying to find. Gagged and chained to the ground, the pilot desperately tried to break free. Billy slowly drove the biplane towards the pilot and killed him. Satisfied, he left his farm and moved to the city.


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