From left to right: Captain Crochet Hook, Captain Blackwig, & Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirettes are a trio of girl Pirates (who don't show their real faces like Nanny and most humans) who starred in an episode of the Muppet Babies: Treasure Attic.  They planned on burying Stripe-Socks Nanny's treasure and make slaves out of the Muppets Babies, but are tricked by Miss Piggy into believing they could be on broadway, even singing the episode's main song: "Pirates".  They are done by Russi Taylor as Captain Blackwig (Blue Pirette), Laurie O' Brien as Captain Crochet Hook (Pink Pirette), & Katie Leigh as the Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirettes (Green Pirette).


  1. Despite being original characters in their one time appearance, their names are referenced by the following capt. related names: Capt. Crochet Hook is based on Peter Pan's Captain James Hook (and also Captain James Cook), Captain Blackwig is based on Captain Blackbeard, & Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates is based on a team captain of the baseball team of the same name.
  2. Despite having only one appearance, They are Partially the inspiration for Winifred Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, & Sarah Sanderson of Hocus Pocus, due to the facts that both groups are trios of evil females, have their own child abusive ideas for the heroes much younger than they are, have accidental signs of stupidty, and can even sing and dance very good.
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