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Adiris, better known as The Plague, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. She was once a high priestess that contracted a deadly plague while attempting to cure people of it.


Adiris wears an old tattered robe and headdress with bandages tied in areas of her body while areas of her body show signs of decay and only a few strands of her once long black hair remain on her head.


Adiris was the youngest of a family of seven who abandoned her on the stairs of the Temple of Purgation. She spent many years serving the church as an acolyte before being made high priestess when a deadly plague began to wipe out the people of Babylon. When one of her followers became sick, she severed her own toe and asked the gods for the woman to be protected. However, this only resulted in Adiris contracting the plague herself. She tried countless rituals, but to no avail, as Adiris banished herself and a few followers from the city to a cave. When they died, the bodies of them were never found. She was eventually recruited by The Entity.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Religious Knowledge: Adiris climbed the ranks and became the High Priestess.
    • Indomitable Faith: Even in the darkest times, Adiris had unbreakable faith in her and her people's survival of the mysterious epidemic.
  • Strength: She has shown surprising strength while lifting survivors.
  • Disease Inducement: Can spread deadly sickness by vomiting on the Survivors.


  • Adiris is the oldest Killer in Dead by Daylight, originating from 1895-539 in Babylonia, Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq).[1]


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