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Move and I'll blow your head clean off!
~ The player threatening to kill the rival crimelord's brother as they kidnap him.
AH! I've been shot!
~ The player when they die in one of the missions.
She's chained up - I've got to get her to the boss' warehouse before this car goes up in smoke!
~ The player going to save the boss' daughter when the kidnapper triggers the timed bomb in the car.

Travis is the main protagonist of the 2001 video game Payback and its 2012 remaster, Payback 2. They're the main character of the game and their appearance is dependent upon the player.


The Player is the main character of the game Payback and Payback 2. They work for a gang lead by the boss.

In the story mode of Payback 2, he is doing the boss' missions via the payphone. Usually the missions are to kill some rivals, steal a vehicle and bring it back to an associate's garage and use weaponized vehicles to go on a rampage in the city.

The player also does more harmless and noble tasks the the boss assigns like winning in a race, saving someone from kidnappers, killing someone who is stalking one of their associates, helping out another associate caught up in a gun fight going out to retrieve the boss' daughter and protecting the boss from rival gangsters.

In the mission "Caught by the Fuzz" the police have done a raid on the players house and placed him in jail for life but the player decides to break out of jail and go back to one of his associate's garage.

Outside of the story mode, the player does various other tasks such as fighting rival gangs, stealing their briefcases, conquering their territories and doing races against competitors in cars.


The Players appearance is dependent upon the user's choice e.g. the player's gender, race, height, bodyfat, muscle mass, clothes, etc.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Player has a large selection of lethal weapons with them e.g. miniguns, shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, etc. They're skilled at stealing cars from civilians and also can drive helicopters and tanks. They also have a knife for melee combat and can kill with a few swings. They have more health than a regular civilian and can withstand more damage.



  • The Boss
  • Rob
  • Harry †
  • Jon
  • Ron
  • Trey
  • Ray
  • Jimmy
  • Cartman
  • Kenny
  • Kyle
  • Stan
  • Ike
  • Kyle's younger brother
  • Unnamed prisoner
  • Boss' daughter
  • Fry
  • Nasty Nick
  • Other unnamed allies
  • Boss' right-hand man (formerly)
  • AI players (sometimes)


  • The police
  • The civilians
  • All of the rival gangs
  • Boss' right-hand man
  • The KKK (Payback 1 only)
  • Unnamed man who blew up Harry's garage
  • Unnamed man tailing Ike
  • Two unnamed men who kidnapped Kyle's younger brother
  • Residents of a local apartment block
  • Weasel who fancies himself as a druglord
  • Boss' wife
  • Boss' friend
  • Unnamed man who kidnapped boss' daughter
  • AI players (sometimes)

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