Is Big Red she's wounded, What about Little Red, no word yet, Simba One we need you to capture these poarchers you have to come from the West so we can trap them, please Simba One we need you're help- male and female jungle warden beigged the ride to help them on the radio
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The Poachers are the main unseen antagonists from Kilimanjaro Safaris Ride.


They are mans who trapped two female elephant Big Red and Little Red, they shot the mother when she was looking for her baby and wounded her, one of the jungle warden see the wounden mother elephant , but not the baby who was captured. Because it was supposed to be a dark ending at first, because the ride was supposed to arrive and discover the copse of Big red the mother of Little Red slaughtered by the poachers and only the baby survive, but they decide to change for a better ending. So the ride and all the guests decide to help the jungle warden to stop the poachers. They heard gun shot from the poacher and a van pass front of them, the ride found the camp , but nobody there to the camp. at the end the poachers are trapped and Little Red is save and get back to her mother, and the jungle warden thanks the ride conductor and the guest for helping them to capture the poachers.

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