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The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling is a One-Shot villain from Courage the Cowardly Dog who serves as the main antagonist of the episode baring the same name.


The duckling is presented as having Black feathers with a purple neck, and blue feet.


While looking around outside, Courage finds a lone egg. Worried over it, Courage takes it inside only for it to be swiped by Eustace who cracks it open for breakfast only for a duckling to come out of it.

Just as Eustace begins to berate Courage for bringing him a rotten egg, the duckling smashes Courage's feet and starts hugging Eustace and calling him "Mama", much to the amusement of Eustace.

While caring for Eustace, the duckling finds Muriel also looking out for the farmer. Angered, the duckling makes numerous attempts to get rid of Muriel, with each one getting stopped by Courage. The duckling also gets Courage in trouble with Eustace by pretending Courage hurt him.

Eventually, the duckling ties Muriel to a rocket he built with intent on sending her to the moon. However, he gets his hand stuck in one of the panels, prompting him to call for Eustace to help. Courage arrives in time to free Muriel, and then he begrudgingly decides to help the duckling too. However, as he attempts to, Eustace barges in and pushes him out of the way just as the rocket starts launching. Eustace grabs hold, with him and the duckling both being sent to the moon.

The Duckling considers his fate to not be so bad as he happily massages Eustace's feet.


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