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Mission Completed. You have done a good job. There are no more obstacles in our way. The Earth is ours.
~ The President

The President is the leader of federal government of Earth and the true villain of the 1990 horizontally scrolling, side-view platformer shoot 'em up arcade game Cyber-Lip. It was one of few arcade games at the time that did not have an official happy ending.


When Cyber-Lip, a super-computer which protected Earth from invasion turned rogue and started to attack humanity, 2 veteran soldiers Rick and Brooke are dispatched to take it down. The President encourages, issues various orders and gives advice to the two soldiers during each missions, guiding them how to counter Cyber-Lip's army, what to expect in each stages, and going after the rogue computer.

When the two heroes finally face Cyber-Lip, it warns them that it had been "evilly reprogrammed" before being destroyed. With the mission complete, the President congratulates them, but in a shocking twist he reveals his true colors, having been an alien in disguise all the time and being responsible for reprogramming Cyber-Lip. The game ends with him bragging about having no more obstacles to his evil plans before signing off transmission. Rick and Brook, exhausted in their fight against Cyber-Lip and being too far away from Earth, could only watch. Whether Rick and Brook went back to fight off this new threat or the President managed to defeat the pair of soldiers remains unknown.


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