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The unnamed protagonist of Avenged Sevenfold's song, "A Little Piece of Heaven" is also the villain of the song.


He proposes to his girlfriend, and she rejects him (though the lyrics imply he might of just imagined that she rejected him). This causes him to snap and stab her 50 times. While stabbing her to death, he also rips her heart out. Once his girlfriend is dead, the man has sex with her corpse and then eats her heart. While the man is watching television, he keeps his girlfriend's body in an open wooden casket decorated with pictures of the two together. Her body inexplicably comes to life (the lyrics imply that the girlfriend's soul repossesses her body because she is angry with him for defiling it), and the man runs away in fear. He runs down the road as his now zombified girlfriend chases him in a car. He accidentally runs into her in a graveyard and she pierces his chest with her hand. She pulls out his heart and eats it, and then does everything to him that he had previously done to her. He then comes back as a zombie and vows to make it up to his girlfriend. He goes to a church, where a wedding is taking place. He uses a chainsaw to kill everyone at the wedding, except for the preacher, and the man and his girlfriend get married.

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