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Alright, it's party time!
~ The Protagonist's catchphrase.

The enigmatic protagonist is the main character of the VOCALOID song "Splatter Party", produced by Camellia and performed by VOCALOID Miku Hautsune.

She was portrayed by Miku herself.


The protagonist is introduced singing to herself, and describes how she feels freed from common sense and normalcy by all the blood surrounding her. She dances and laughs before telling a victim that she will gouge their eyes out. She calls the victims "dolls" and expresses how she enjoys ripping them to shreds, seeing images of Death Gods in shadows and bloodstains as she uses a chainsaw on a victim, splattering blood all over her skin, treating the situation like a party or celebration.

She explains how she has always desired to hurt others, and how she seemingly went mad and has finally given in to her homicidal urges in a way even she does not quite understand. She uses a Japanese urban legend to explain that any choice her victims make will result in their deaths, and that she plans to cut through them and pull out their hearts.

She then reveals that she is killing what she calls "spoiled princesses", whom she's chained up with heavy chains around their legs. She then revs the chainsaw, delighted that the noise of the weapon drowns out the screams as she kills her victims.


The protagonist is a sick, depraved, and sadistic individual who always wanted to kill what she calls "spoiled princesses", and, after a bought of madness even she does not understand, broke down and gave into her homicidal urges by kidnapping her victims and torturing and mutilating them before killing them. She dances, laughs, and sings through the entire ordeal, showing how psychotic and lustful for blood she is.




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