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Congratulations!, you did it! It was interesting, watching you swing your axe around like that. I know you'll make a fine specimen.
~ Spooky to The Protagonist in the bad ending.

The Protagonist is the playable character in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, being the character the player controls.


We never really see the protagonist when we start the game. However, in the bad ending, we see a rather young person of an unknown gender with brown hair, red eyes, and carrying a bloody axe.


The Protagonist is a person who loves history and lives in a town near Spooky's Mansion, which was a mystery, one day they decided to go to Spooky's mansion to discover the mansion's backstory, even when the horrors seemed cute, they were always moving forward.

Bad Ending

If The Protagonist hits any specimens that go beyond the counter of 20, they will end up becoming a specimen themselves.

Good Ending

The Protagonist dies in such a way so tragic enough that they become a ghost, and they join Spooky's army. 

Joke Ending

The Protagonist finally escapes the mansion and tells everyone about the mansion and what they encountered, however, nobody believes them but they somehow live on.


In the bad ending, The Protagonist turns into a murderous specimen, while in the good ending, The Protagonist is willing to help Spooky stop people from calling ghosts cute.



  • The Protagonist also has the nickname "Specimen 14". It's theorized that the nickname is given to the protagonist once it gets the bad ending, meaning that it is becoming a new specimen for the mansion. Though this is still unconfirmed officially.
  • The cat encounter in room 410 possibly foreshadows the bad ending of the game.


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