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~ The Prowler's only words while in costume.

The Prowler is the main antagonist of the 1981 slasher film of the same name. He was a former World War II veteran that was broken up with by his girlfriend in 1945. Enraged, he dressed in his combat uniform and stabbed his girlfriend and her new lover to death with a pitchfork. He was never caught and 35 years later, he would go on to kill again.



Early life

At some point George Fraser and Rosemary Chatham met and began a relationship. However, Fraser was a military man and spent most of his time away from her. During World War II, Rosemary had enough of waiting and wrote George a Dear John letter. In 1945, Rosemary attended a graduation dance with her new boyfriend Roy. After moving away from the party, the couple are making out in a gazebo when George, dressed in US World War II gear impales them both with a pitchfork and leaves a rose in her hand. As a result of the unsolved double homicide, the town of Avalon stopped holding graduation dances.

1980 Killing Spree

35 years later, Avalon decided it was safe to host dances again. That night, in a bedroom, a teen named Carl is getting undressed to have "a little fun" with his girlfriend Sherry before leaving. But suddenly, a stranger attacks and brutally impales Carl through the head with a bayonet until it emerges through his neck, making Carl's eyes roll back and killing him.

Sherry, who is taking a shower, see a figure approaching through a curtain and thinks it's Carl, but the intruder, wearing a military helmet and a gas mask to hide his face, suddenly pulls back the curtain and kills a shocked Sherry by plunging a pitchfork into her stomach. The killer then hides both teens bodies in the shower, while also leaving a rose on Sherry's head.

Later, another student named Pam MacDonald comes back to get something and, unaware of Carl and Sherry's deaths and not seeing their bodies in the shower, is chased by the killer. But she manages to escape and find the police deputy Mark London. The duo goes to the dance to warn all the attendants of the mysterious prowler and tells them to stay inside.

However, one teen named Lisa went out for a swim in the pool before the dance got the message. As she's getting out of the pool the Prowler kicks her in the face and knocks her back into the pool. Lisa regains her composure and attempts to get out of the pool again, but the Prowler sneaks up behind her and slits her throat with his bayonet. One of the chaperones comes looking for Lisa and sees the blood in the pool. As she's running away, the Prowler grabs her from the bushes and stabs her in the throat. Lisa's body is later found inside a coffin by Mark and Pam.

When Pam and Mark go to Major Chatham's house to tell him about the murders, they find it dark and empty, as the Prowler has already killed Chatham and watches them from upstairs.

When Miss Allison, the student's teacher, tries to find Lisa, she instead sees her blood and tries to flee, but the Prowler ambushes her and impales her through the neck with his bayonet.

After failing to contact the local Sheriff, Mark and Pam go back to the Major's house. When they briefly split up, the Prowler knocks Mark unconscious. Meanwhile, Pam find Rosemary Chatham's necklace - and skeleton - in the fireplace and tries to find Mark but runs into the Prowler instead. After a while of hiding under a bed, she confronts the Prowler and manages to disarm him of his pitchfork and holds it defensively. At that moment, Otto, a store clerk, appears and shoots the Prowler with a rifle. The Prowler retaliates by shooting Otto dead in turn with a shotgun. Before the Prowler can shoot Pam, she stabs him from behind with the pitchfork and while struggling with her, he pulls off his mark and reveals his identity: the Sheriff George Fraser. As George continues to fight, Pam, although shocked, grabs the shotgun and shoots the former military man in the head, destroying it and killing him for good.


  • 1-2: Roy and Rosemary Chatham | Stabbed through the torso with a pitchfork.
  • 3: Carl | Stabbed through the head with a bayonet.
  • 4: Sherry | Impaled in stomach with pitchfork.
  • 5: Lisa | Throat slit with a bayonet.
  • 6: Allison | Throat stabbed with bayonet.
  • 7: Otto | Shot in the chest with shotgun


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  • Farley Granger was cast as the Prowler because the wife of one of the film's investors happened to be taking an acting class with him. Granger also had a hard time with Tom Savini, who is also the movie's makeup effects artist, in creating a cast of his face for the movie. Granger was claustrophobic and Savini had to encase his entire head to make the plaster cast of Granger for the film's finale, which caused Granger much stress.
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