NOTE: This article is only about The Resistance's villainous acts.
They claim to be fighting for the peasants but who's really behind those red ninja masks?
~ The game's site describing the Resistance.
The Resistance are the mysterious group that appear in the web series and the action game Dan the Man. They are the secondary antagonists of the first stage and the main antagonists of the final stage.


The Resistance are a mysterios group that claim to be fighting for the peasants and opposing the Guards. In the game and stages, they act as a hero. However, as well as, they act as the villain in the first, second and final stages.

Stage 1

In the first stage, they attempted to kill Dan and they kidnapped the Princess and imprisoned her in a castle.

Stage 2

In the second stage, they attempted to murder Dan and Josie. They shot at them with AK-47s and RPGs and they flew with jetpack.

Stage 5

In the fifth stage, they act a heroic role. They attacked to the guards and they rescued the dragon.

Stage 8 and game

In the most part of the eighth stage and game, they act a heroic role. But in the end of the game, a resistance member becomes a villain with killing geezers and Josie/Dan. Later, the rest of the Resistance becomes villain with them and attempted to kill player.



  • The King Resistance: The King Resistance is the leader of the Resistance. He is a fallen hero. After he kills The King and Geezers. He went mad and attempted to kill player. However, he is beaten by player and he explodes himself. (In the video, one of the geezers shoots him and he explodes himself).
  • Ana: Although she is not a villain, she is one of the members. She is a waitress. She helps Resistance for rescuing the dragon, however, she is killed by the Dark Master.


Robots are the bosses that created by them. There are two robots that appeared.

  • The first robot is appeared in the first stage, it protects the Princess' castle for imprisoning her.
  • The second robot is appeared as the final boss in the game's final stage. It can create electric balls and rockets. It is controlled by the King Resistance. However, it is destroyed.



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